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Three zama have not rescued honour of the governor

In billiard club the Highest wave the assistant to the governor under the finance Leonid Sergeev has appeared one of the last. He was met cheers by important persons. Some of them have been apparelled in suits in cost some thousand dollars:

- About, Leonid Ivanovich has come, means, on money we will play

Officials from Dmitry Donsky, 1, rescuing the budget, two commands against rivals have exposed. Except Sergeeva, played two more zamgubernatora - Sergey Laptev and Valery Osjakin. And the head who has adjoined them of the device Alexander Torba. But alas, to get to number of prize-winners it it was not possible.

Representative men have quickly enough removed jackets and ties, having begun to drive spheres tirelessly. The buffet of billiard-players has not tempted, and they have done without the hot. Only the mayor of Svetlogorsk Oleg Vernikovsky dressed in Guards The sweater with black and orange strips, has few times approached to a bar counter, has reserved tea and a light meal.

first the strongest impression was left by pair as a part of the first vitse - the mayor of Kaliningrad Sergey Buchelnikova and the head of administration of the Central area Victor Kudryavtsev. And still they have conceded in the ending to colleagues from other municipalities. Champions the steels which have united, probably, on soil bezdotatsionnosti from the regional budget, Vernikovsky and the head of Svetlovsky city district Alexander Grigoriev. On the third place deputies of regional Duma - Konstantin Poljakov and Boris Shushkin.