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Kaliningradtsy the Kaliningrad epidemiologists are infected by a little-known virus

disturbed. On area walks rotavirusnyj gastroenterit (RVG). It maloizuchennaja an infection, which infection for hundred percent can be defined only in vitro. To see the virus bodies similar to castors (name RVG from Latin rota - a wheel), the special microscope is necessary.

the virus is artful. On symptoms of disease it is similar with usual toksikoinfektsiej. It is vomiting, a liquid chair, pains in the field of a stomach, rise in temperature. But with intestinal frustration has not something in common. Disappearing behind similar symptoms, rotavirusnyj gastroenterit does not react to antibiotics. From their reception to the patient becomes even worse.

rather new infection is steady and is passed traditionally. From the sick person, through food, crude vegetables, unboiled water, air - a drop way. It is enough for infection RVG very much a light dose Castors - from one to ten. They keep on hands on neskolku hours. It is enough to take a pie virus a hand.

- Rotavirusnyj gastroenterit carries seasonal nature, - has told in Kaliningrad epidemiologist Gossannadzora across the Kaliningrad region Irina Markova. - Danger of mass disease will be saved till the end of May. Peak RVG has had for March when in a week caught on 30 - 40 persons. We have exceeded the all-Russian indicators in 3,3 times. At us a virus have revealed five years ago. But if earlier we fixed single instances this year the diseased it has appeared five times more.

adults and children till 6 years are exposed to the Maximum risk. At rotavirusnom gastroenterite in nowise it is impossible to self-medicate. The adult though and painfullly transfers infection, but without consequences. Children till two years without medical intervention are threatened with death.

RVG it is shown for couple of days before disease in the top respiratory ways. The cold, cough, a sore throat unessentially mean cold.

the soft therapy restoring properties zheludochno - an intestinal path is necessary for the infected organism. Vomiting dehydrates an organism. Physicians recommend a preparation Regidron which is on sale in each drugstore, and Smektu .