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Direct flight on the warm seas

the Largest Moscow travel agency Neva has signed the contract with airline Kaliningradavia . Now our tourists will fly on resorts of Turkey and Bulgaria from Kaliningrad on comfortable Boeing - 737.

the Mutually advantageous arrangement has been reached on April, 12th between the general director of the company Neva Alexey Kashirsky and the commercial director Kaliningradavia Lazarus Itskovym.

- Direct flights from the airport Hrabrovo to Turkey and Bulgaria is it is made, certainly, in interests kaliningradtsev, - the head of travel agency " speaks; Anyuta Alexander Shamshiev. We are the authorised agency Neva in our region also we work with the Moscow partner the third year within the limits of charter programs.

yesterday in Baltik - the Expo At opening of the Eighth international tourist exhibition JAntur - 2005 about forthcoming plans of a new tourist season in Kaliningrad the head " has told; Neva Alexey Kashirsky:

- Two years transported tourists by planes They are 154 airlines Russia and Pulkovsky airlines. The Kaliningrad fans of travel flied through Moscow that is not absolutely convenient. You have a air carrier, with it at us good relations. As this year Kaliningradavia has got Boeings at which best reputation at the Russian tourists. Certainly, the economic component is important also. Direct flights are favourable. It will allow to reduce to a minimum a difference between tours of Moscow and Kaliningrad, to 30 dollars.

in this season Turkey and Bulgaria become base directions of direct charters from Kaliningrad. It traditionally most popular vacation spots for Russians: the comprehensible prices, service at the European level, visa availability. In the firm future Neva and Anyuta plan to organise flights to Tunis.

in the first flight from Hrabrovo to Antalia the Boeing will go on May feasts. Trips at coast of Aegean sea will last from April, 30th till May, 9th. In total for a season the liner Kaliningradavia will make nine flights to Antalia, six in - Bodrum, seven - to Varna. More than three thousand inhabitants of region can have a rest perfectly well on gold dust of Bulgaria, in solar Turkey at the warm tender seas.