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Jacque Chirac was delighted with the Kaliningrad militiamen

On the eve of Day of militia the interlocutor there was a head of department of internal affairs of the Kaliningrad region Sergey Kirichenko.

anything it was not necessary to prove

- So it has turned out that shortly before your professional feast in region the management was replaced. A leah Is possible to find common language with the new governor?

- Probably, for the first time for five years it is possible to tell that the governor and the area government really are interested in safety of inhabitants of region and law and order maintenance in its territory. And not only are interested, but also try to influence actively a situation, assisting, first of all the material. The budget of local militia, at last - that, is imposed taking into account almost all offers of a management of law-enforcement bodies and adhered with programs on struggle against criminality. Without nerves, at high business level of the Department of Internal Affairs has carried out consultations of the regional Ministry of Finance, deputies. To us, and it was a little unexpected, it was not necessary to prove anything at all. The authorities have straight off agreed that that part of militia which contains at the expense of the local budget, should be provided properly. I can assure that in turn we will make all to execute commissions of the governor which lie in sphere of our activity.

- any concrete directions of work Are mentioned?

- There are some programs. On struggle against the criminality, calculated till 2010, on struggle against a narcotism - till 2007, on creation of system of preventive maintenance of crimes. In details all of them were discussed at the governor, and then on the working commission which heads vitse - the governor Elena Babinovsky. By the way, representatives of all interested structures of region have taken part in work of this meeting, since UIN and finishing Ministry of Health.

how much is the law and order

- Money, as it is known, constantly does not suffice militiamen.

- On the maintenance of militia of public security which is financed from the local budget, we have requested more than 400 million roubles. While it is promised to us of 314 million. This money will go for the salary, regimentals and maintenance of work of divisions MOB. We fine understand that, possibly, the moment when necessary means can be received in full, has not come yet. But the satisfaction calls already that fact that to us are ready to meet half-way.

- and how about deductions from the federal centre?

- For last five years no problems on this line at us arise. It is literally one of these days we should receive some more millions on continuation of building of new base of OMON and the educational centre of the Department of Internal Affairs, and also continuation of reconstruction of a complex of buildings MOB in the street Borzov in Kaliningrad.

Besides, now we study from the Ministry of Internal Affairs a question on creation of the rehabilitation centre for our employees in Svetlogorsk. Basically, from the ministry we have already received support. And the future centre, on a plan, will be capable to accept militiamen not only from our area, but also from other regions of the country. Judge: the sea, a temperate climate especially favorable for cores - is not present sharp differences of weather. The question and on building of new habitation is mentioned. The ground areas are already allocated, all rests against financing.

to Strangle corruption

- this year most rightfully it was possible to consider as a serious problem of the Kaliningrad militia safety of a feast 750 - letija cities.

- In spite of the fact that for preparation for anniversary of the Department of Internal Affairs it has been allocated from regional treasury of all 4 million roubles instead of 53 million requested, we left a difficult situation adequately. At high level having carried out all actions for protection of a public order during a feast. That from the federal budget necessary means have in full received, cars has helped. I will notice that on maintenance of protection of a public order forces and means from other regions of Russia were not involved. And I precisely know that in Petersburg, Kazan, Tomsk it was necessary to resort to such help. We have managed, in due time and competently having made all calculations, having defined a necessary minimum of forces and means. Only towards the end of celebrations from Peter there has arrived special division. But it and has not been involved in one action, remaining all this time in an operative reserve.

Remained are happy with our work and visited Kaliningrad the VIP - persons. I witnessed, when in Svetlogoske the president of France Jacque Chirac, driving by our militiamen, was put out from a window of the car and have joyfully waved with it a hand. The main thing - was possible unostentatiously and nenazojlivo to provide security, as kaliningradtsev, tourists, and the first state persons. We have shown that the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region is a fighting, efficient device. Whatever our ill-wishers spoke about it.

- it is possible to comment on two recent detentions for the bribes, taking place in Kaliningrad and Light? A leah they are dated for similar Moscow incident with arrest of the high-ranking officials?

- Both mentioned cases - old workings out of our field investigators which have been realised as soon as it the situation has allowed. Therefore in nowise it is impossible to say that they there have been dated for something. In our area for a year happens to 40 zaderzhany korruptsionerov. Unfortunately, not all raised criminal cases as a result reach court, very difficultly they are proved. But it means only that we need to work more professionally.

- George Boos ostensibly has personally promised to strangle the one whom will catch on a bribe

- And we to it in it we will help! It, of course, the governor was figuratively expressed. But priorities are chosen by it absolutely correct. While there is a corruption, it is impossible to speak about any economic revolution. But, I think that at us enough highly professional employees in UBEP and UBOP, and also in management on struggle against tax crimes effectively to struggle with criminality.

house warming - after a feast

- For a feast have prepared any gifts for subordinates?

- I have signed a considerable quantity of orders on assignment of the next ranks and rewardings. For encouragements it is already allocated more than 2 million roubles. Itself would like to repeat that was last year when on November, 10th police officers have received 23 warrants on new apartments. There will be a house warming and this year almost for 20 families of militiamen. But slightly after, unfortunately, it is exact in time we hardly - were not in time nearly.

- that you could wish the Kaliningrad militiamen in Day of militia?

- First of all, patience. And also, that everyone in a family had an order, children only pleased the native. That each militiaman with hunting went to work and had from it satisfaction. That the salary sufficed on the worthy maintenance of a family, and even the thought on an illegal way to raise the welfare did not arise. I want, that each employee knew that in any situation when it arrives under the law, the management of the Department of Internal Affairs always will be for it a support and will not leave in private with problems.

veterans of law-enforcement bodies I want to wish, first of all, health. Dialogue with them immutably gave to me to confidence of correctness of the actions. Veterans - always welcome guests within the precincts of the Department of Internal Affairs.