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Why recruits

Kaliningradtsy " run; mow families

During session of the regional invocatory commission devoted to the beginning of autumn campaign - 2005, oblvoenkom Alexander Ponomarev has told to George Boos that military registration and enlistment offices cannot hand over the summons personally in hands to every third recruit. The commissioner has told to the governor that from service in army mow the whole streets and families!

we have decided to find a family malicious uklonistov about which voenkom told to the governor such horrors. A pier, at once three brothers evade from service.

apartment in usual pjatietazhke in the street Dzerzhinsky. I call at a door. Naturally, nobody opens. On a ladder platform under a door the huge black dog lies. militian! - the guess flashes at me. - ambushes, waits uklonistov. Probably, and the OMON where - nibud in bushes has hidden .

- Yes you be not afraid, - shout to me from above. It is Nadezhda Jurevna, the neigbour: - And you to Irina?

- me on a broader scale - that her sons are necessary. I from I write article about mowing from army.

- it is strange. Such boys good, never would think that any problems at them with the law. But you Irina wait, it, probably, in shop has left, now will return.

in school of militia did not take

in the Evening when I have once again arrived, Irina Vjacheslavovna has opened at once to me a door. Of uklonistov I have found one on kitchen.

- Sasha how it is not a shame to you? - I have begun. - already even Boos knows that you in army do not want to minister.

- why it I do not want? - Has taken offence 19 - summer Alexander. - very much I want. I before the beginning of an autumn appeal even from work have left.

- and that then not in army till now?

- so I have not passed medical board! Has handed over in polyclinic as it is necessary, all analyses, and the doctor has told that heart sick. An inflammation left zheludochka, a tachycardia, pressure high. I in a military registration and enlistment office have carried this conclusion, they have taken away documents and have told that now it is necessary in versatile to confirm the diagnosis. And there me have not accepted, speak, there are no necessary documents from a military registration and enlistment office.

- and in a military registration and enlistment office that?

- in the Spring, at half past five mornings, home have come two - the divisional and the military man. Threatened that will plant in a monkey house, will take away violently, but then have left. The receipt on the penalty have sent - 500 roubles for absence on the invocatory commission. Wanted to enter militian academy in the summer. Growth - that under two metres, it would be useful to fight with criminals. But as has learnt, how much it is necessary to pay for study, has thrown this invention. And have written down me in uklonisty...

And all bear summonses

With two other brothers too confusion. The senior, 24 - summer Artem, in 2000 was run over by a car twice. A brain concussion, crises.

- we have gone with medical papers to a military registration and enlistment office, and there speak: Anything, we all the same will take away it. Tails to planes will wash .

In this time Artem has had time to marry, to the son almost year. Means, has the right to a draught deferment.

- and I to go to a military registration and enlistment office I am afraid, - Irina Vjacheslavovna speaks.

the Average, 22 - summer Maxim, she did not see 3 years. Have quarrelled from - for the girl, it and has left from the house. And summonses bear all and bear.

unfortunately to help this family to adjust mutual understanding with a military registration and enlistment office it was not possible also to edition I will make comments nothing about it. From you one troubles, - the military commissioner of the Moscow area Alexander Shipkov has told and has hung up.

It seems that such style of work - explaining to nothing, to demand from people of execution of the law, it is valid not news.

That threatens for absence

All depends on that, have handed over the summons personally to the recruit in hands, a leah it has undersigned for its reception. If this document is thrown in a mail box or passed through neighbours, it has no validity.

if the recruit has undersigned for reception of the summons and then was not in the specified term in a military registration and enlistment office, it can involve in administrative responsibility. That is it will call in area or settlement administration (not in a military registration and enlistment office!) And there, on the commission, will solve to pay to it the penalty or not. The penalty sum - 500 roubles.

if the recruit was not and to session of the administrative commission, materials on it can pass in Office of Public Prosecutor which will solve, a leah to bring criminal case. In all these cases the recruit should be voluntary, without the help the divisional or the employee of a military registration and enlistment office!

and here if the recruit has passed the invocatory commission, has received a direction on service in armies and was not in the specified term on assembly point without a good reason, on it criminal case will be got. It is possible to receive about two years of prison.

It is impossible violently to force to minister

Maria Bontsler, the chairman of committee of soldier`s mothers:

- the Presents uklonistov which simply do not want to minister and have thus no any rights to a delay, it is not enough. We with such also do not work. And here children who try to take away illegally in army, it is a lot of. Only each appeal comes to our committee about such 300 guys from whom more than hundred then do not minister!

those who tries to challenge decisions of military registration and enlistment offices, they and rank to uklonistam.

the considerable quantity of infringements, from - for which then there are points at issue, - medical board passage. Such impression that doctors sitting there do not know, how it becomes under the law. Very often recruits simply examine and write the conclusion it is healthy only on the basis of survey, without any electrocardiograms, fljuorografy, analyses. Thus in military registration and enlistment offices children`s cards of recruits, x-ray pictures, the conclusions of experts are lost. At us such cases set! Therefore it is better to give for secure to a military registration and enlistment office of exclusively x-copy of the medical documents. You are obliged to give medical boards only the original of the certificate of medical examination!

Many problems arise from - for the questions connected with a delay from - for studies in high school. Military registration and enlistment offices try to call children who have taken the academic vacation, have been deducted, and then restored or have thrown one institute and have entered another. Arguments usually such: You have already used the delay once, it is not necessary any more, go to minister . On this case there is a decision of plenum of presidium of the Sovereign court from December, 8th, 2004 which says that if at the moment of an appeal the student studies, in its army should not to take away.

Happens that try to take away in army of guys which have the right to social delays: on care of aged parents, on a birth of the child, having not removed previous conviction, under examination. We had a case when one young man have taken away in army when business has been passed in court. It carried on sessions of court from a part that contradicts all norms! By the way, he has been then really denounced, has received year conditionally.

therefore if there are any complexities, be better converted to us, into committee of soldier`s mothers. We are to the address: Kaliningrad, street Chernyakhovsk, the house 78, apartment 2. Phone 46 - 25 - 09.


According to a regional commissariat, after last year`s autumn invocatory campaign in the Kaliningrad region are denounced 7 uklonistov. One has received term, the others have paid penalties and have gone to minister.