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UFOS fly over Baltic?

about this incident the inhabitant of settlement Marvellous the Baltic city district Evgenie Tribuh has told.

- Business was on November, 1st. There is I, means, mushrooms I collect where - that between Sailing and Steppe. Time where - that minutes 15 the sixth. And here from the sea, from that party where the sun has just come, there was a bright star. Then shone point has increased till the size brightly - a yellow shining stain with a tail, as if at a comet. I have risen as driven. Minutes 15 object hung motionlessly, then has as though turned over, has blinked by turns bright dark blue, green and red sparks and has started to decrease in sizes. There was such sensation that this piece departs towards oil platform D - 6.

According to Evgenie, that day on the shooting range located nearby it was silent, any doctrines it was not spent. Only in a part of air defence of hours being near to settlement Lunino in 15 has been declared the alarm. And in 2 hours over the sea has appeared UFO. .

that it aliens flied, Evgenie, the former marine, and nowadays the security guard of one of the Kaliningrad clubs, does not believe. The helicopter or a heavenly body too it is unlike.

it is exact not the natural phenomenon, - Michael Romanov, the expert in geopathogenic zones speaks. - astronomical bodies of so do not conduct: has approached, has hung for a while, cunningly, has fallen to the sea. Knowing people name this phenomenon a chandelier . It is an elementary piece, it is based on human psychology. If it is necessary to hide something, it is necessary to create nearby something bright, on what all attention, such here beautiful " will be switched; a chandelier . Probably, any tests were conducted in that area, here at all casual observers thus eyes and have taken away in other party. I want to advise to all who will casually see something similar: run from the UFO far away. That inadvertently has not touched.

the Call by the military man

- Any strange things that day and in that area supervision services it has not been fixed, - have officially declared in a press - service Baltflota. - Last fixed strange and an unusual occurrence - a summer tornado. Most likely, the mushroom picker has seen a reflected light of the coming sun from a small cloudlet or otherwise broken light of a decline. And can be, it was polar lights microsplash.