Rus News Journal

In the South Ural woods there is a flamingo and reindeers!

routes of birds of passage at times nonplus even scientists - ornithologists. Well it could be necessary in mounts of Kizilsky area of the Chelyabinsk area for southern handsome men of a flamingo? And after all them here saw some times! Probably, have gone off-course. However, these pink ekzoty at us do not twist nests. Have arrived - have departed. The same incident, happens, happens and with other bird - a hoopoe. It nests in Bredinsky area. And reaches at times even Chelyabinsk!

Rotanov birds and fishermen

the Native land of this small, but spiteful and very hardy small fish - the river the Cupid have brought. In the XX-th century beginning in Europe it became fashionable to plant it in aquariums and garden ponds. And waterfowls have carried rotana on all country (sticky caviar clings to feathers). In 80 - h years of the last century of these fishes have found out in many South Ural lakes. Fishermen were happy - meat at rotana very tasty. In vain rejoiced!

The matter is that rotan it is unpretentious - can live in dirty, stuffy (with the low maintenance of oxygen) water to winter in ice porridge. And without discrimination devours all live: tadpoles, caviar, molod fishes. If in a pond, occupied, for example, leshchami, there will be a couple rotanov the aggressor will easily survive natives . Ichthyologists sound alarm: now in some South Ural reservoirs where were found leshchi earlier and perches, remained one rotany. Too it is necessary frogs and tritons hardly. To exhaust rotana it is almost impossible - for this purpose it should to use the strong poisons killing all live, or to drain lakes.

by the way, from a reservoir to a reservoir rotan often gets... Thanks to fishermen who use it in quality zhivtsa. Experts warn: do not do it, do not ruin the nature!

the Taiga tick has arrived on deer

On a broader scale - that pincers lived in our area always. But those natives were rather harmless. And here dangerous ticks - messengers entsefalita, - on one of versions, to us were brought by spotty deer. In 1938 michurintsy tried to acclimatise these horned handsome men in Ilmensky reserve. Deer have not got accustomed. And here pincers felt here as at home.

Beavers have dissolved in Ilmensky reserve

about hundred Years ago beavers in Southern Ural Mountains there was hardly probable no more, than a fiber. These animals did not love from - for habits to undermine trunks of trees and wooden piles. And loved for brilliant fur to which does not have a pulling down. Here beavers hunters also have exterminated. In 1948 in Ilmensky reserve have delivered other beavers - not the Asian subspecies which lived at us earlier, and European.

in Southern Ural Mountains all suited the European beavers. They have safely bred and are well to the present day. By the way, their last years became especially much. They can be met even in the Chelyabinsk industrial zone on the river Miass!

Northern handsome man has ridden from Sverdlovsk area Six years ago respected (and absolutely sober) huntsman Yury Jarushin has gone on usual detour of the hunting grounds to the Nazarovsky pine forest (Etkulsky area). Looks - ahead, metres approximately in hundred, branchy horns have stood.

at first has thought - an elk. Has got accustomed - as though not so. Same the present reindeer, it with anybody you will not confuse! The wood handsome man too has noticed the person and siganul in a thicket. Biologists say that rare flocks of reindeers meet in the north of Sverdlovsk area, for hundreds kilometres from the Nazarovsky pine forest. That was required to a handsome man in our woods, what for it has overcome such huge distance - a riddle.