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Andrjusha on a tractor

16 has swept - summer fellow Andrey Morozov lives in settlement the Oak grove in a poor family. Since small years the boy is not indifferent to technics. In the evening on November, 6th Andrjusha has decided to drive, and the neighbour - the tractor operator Slavetsky in a court yard had a suitable agricultural machinery of middle class MTZ - 80.

From a half-turn the young man has got a tractor and has left for gate. Frosts with a breeze of sobriquets on village, has left for a village fence where has not managed to drive, has moved down in a ditch and has turned over. The young man has got off light and has run away from a place dorozhno - transport incident, and here a tractor, the enterprise property Pure ponds has received heavy damages.

the first loss the tractor operator Slavetsky has missed, he ran on village in search of the iron horse. Has told about stealing to divisional Yury Kiselyov. By common efforts the technician managed to be found in a roadside ditch in fairly rumpled kind. The car thief have found a bit later, he hid at the grandmother in the same village.

as has informed fulfilling duties of the chief of militia of public security of Nesterovsky area captain Oleg Rautkin against the teenager have filed criminal charges for Wrongful zavladenie the car or other vehicle without the plunder purpose . Andrjusha on a tractor has driven. Now the relatives should indemnify a loss for damage of property to workers Pure ponds .

And at this time

In Baltiysk area of Kaliningrad 25 - to the summer villain has attracted a Zhiguli on the area October. Without hesitation, the man has opened the car, has started the motor and has driven on a night city. Went for a drive not for long while it was stopped by militia.