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As the lame cat and a blind dog received passports

Moustaches, paws and a tail - not the document

We have gone to municipal service of protection of animals on street Tihoretsky in Kaliningrad. At Inna - aged 15 - Jackie`s summer cat, suffering affliction a lameness, at me - Mary`s Russian spaniel, blind on one eye, pension age, a bough. Beasts with itself did not take, have taken their photos, the civil passports, the dog passport with the data of inoculations of Mary. At Jackie passports are not present, and inoculations to it otrodjas did not do. The lovely girl - the registrar has taken pity on a cat and has written out to it the certificate. In the document bring also special signs of an animal.

- we to ourselves copecks do not take, - the employee of service of protection of animals admits. - but that who will register pets, the veterinary help will be with 50 - a percentage discount. The clinic we will construct. And to bury zhivotinu if will die, it will be possible on - chelovecheski, instead of anyhow. We create computer base so the pupil if it will be lost, on a counter we will find the moment. However, if strangers find, for certain from the owner money will tear off.

- and if from a cat will remove a counter where I will search for it?

- you call us...

houses we have fastened counters to Jackie and Mary`s collars. Animals have become proud at once. And that, almost a medal from the town governor! Now a cat not to force to sleep on favourite slippers. It strives to get on a bed, to settle down on a pillow, and a paw to put under an ear.

Even the document is necessary for a dog of pension age.

Defenders will come home

For a week have received a residence permit in Kaliningrad 42 canine friends, half from them, by the way, absolutely not purebred. The annual re-registration is spent free of charge. Will replace the document and in the event that the owner has replaced a surname or a residence for nothing.

in plans of city defenders of animals - departure on the house to old women - koshatnitsam it is heavy to them to come to office on Tihoretsky. But privileges for pensioners and veterans it is not provided.

opinion for

In the list registered in a log-book the surname of the owner of a cat and a dog of the deputy chief of housing and communal services of mayoralty Stepygina costs the first number. The official one of developers and inspirers dog the project:

- At me animals - members of a family, means, should have check in. I bear for them responsibility, - Valery Sergeevich speaks.

It kokker - to a spaniel of Nippi of 12 years, and the persian kitty of Pussi - 7 years. They are on friendly terms, live in perfect harmony. Pussi likes to sleep on a back of Nippi.

the Chairman of the City Council Evgenie Gan yet has not registered the favourite cat of the Marquis:

- Actually and to register it there is no need. Eight years he lives at me on the tenth floor. On street to walk does not go on a broader scale, unfortunately, it was necessary to castrate the Marquis. But ozhetonivat nevertheless I will be. It is necessary to put things in order in a city.

opinion against

the Main expert in narcology of area Vladimir Amenitsky - the owner of the Irish setter of Solbi the Crape - speaks:

- Setteriha - pleasure of our family. Vagabonds and drunkards feels far off, does not love. And normal people concerns very friendly. The hunter, to it of 12 years, in recalculation on human age - 84 years. What for to it check in, I do not understand.

the chairman of regional Bar Evgenie Galaktionov concerns an innovation doubly:

- At me in village at mum there lives a hunting dog. At it it is a lot of medals, the veterinary passport is, a family tree. On the one hand - the order with animals should be. On the other hand - we lived earlier without the decision of the City Council and fine managed. If the owner respects itself will impart anyway a dog if is not present no decision of the City Council will help.

against an innovation of the city power were voiced, strangely enough, and professionals - cynologists. The chief of film logic service of the Department of Internal Affairs Vitaly Latyshonok says that dog lovers want to write the protest:

- the Decision contradicts the federal legislation.


129 roubles of 70 copecks cost check in.

how to drive to service of protection of animals

Office the house 45, the ground floor is located in the street Tihoretsky. A reference point - a cinema the Native land . It is possible to drive transport any kind (a tram, the bus, a fixed-route taxi), the following to the Baltic area through a cinema the Native land .

the Operating time - from 9 o`clock till 17 o`clock.

phone: 44 - 63 - 63.