Rus News Journal

Boos has seen a death mask

Traditional parade in honour of Day of militia this time passed with the big revival, than usually. Many private soldiers pravoohraniteli for the first time should see the governor alive . Therefore practically each division acting on parade, has recalled the person to crowd of spectators that it has photographed as the group will pass against Boos. The governor, unlike usual, almost with anybody did not communicate, but with solemn speech has acted.

- many years ago in our country the militia has been created to provide an order, - the governor the gathered has told. - today it is necessary to understand that our people the quiet life, and frequently and simply life, are obliged militias. Your service is very necessary to the country and people!

then George Boos have moved in the Astronomical bastion. There to a feast have decided to open an OMON museum. Exhibits and photos for it collected 2 years. To the governor have shown the present German machine gun with the electric drive which have found at bastion repair. Earlier it stood on a German fighter. Still to Boos have shown all kinds of the military form of the modern OMON fighter and - special pride of members of spetsnaz - trophies from the Chechen Republic. Here is and the helmet punched by a bullet, and special epaulets of the Chechen insurgent and even a leather mask of the shahid of handwork. All is militiamen have brought from business trip to the North Caucasus, to a village Asinovsky. They even have made a post breadboard model on which ministered. Over the grey building imposed with bags with sand, it is proud flies a flag of Kaliningrad.

thanks you, children, for service! - the governor under impression in the book of guests of honour of a museum has written. - our people, the Native land loves you, appreciates, your everyday exploit never we will forget

After excursion OMON fighters have blocked to the governor an exit from a bastion. He has started to look around in search of a side-track of deviation from a strong hold. An exit was not.

- approach more close. You with us will not be photographed for memory, George Valentinovich? - Its militiamen have asked.

- well if only a hand will not break, - Boos has with relief sighed.