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In Kaliningrad will burn the nazi literature?

the campaign on books of nationalist sense has begun with giving of the main rabbi of area of David Shvedika. At a meeting with the governor he has complained that in Kaliningrad such literature today in bulk.

- These editions are on sale openly, - the rabbi has declared. - I saw. One names of that stand - Russian about Jews the Fifth column Secrets of Israel: what from you hide? blow of Russian gods ... About what it speaks? Or there is a great demand, or someone napravlenno spends propagation.

the authorities have promised to understand.

- we have already sent the corresponding letter to FSB, - the deputy minister on development territory Ilya Vilensky has told to us. - we Will spend joint spot-checks and to punish distributors.

While law enforcement bodies collect the strength, we have walked on several book bazaars in city centre. In tent opposite the Beacon have found a book under the name the Yoke judaic . It stood near to product Michael Shvydkoj is better than Goebbels .

- I am fast to Israel to the uncle I go, - I have informed the saleswoman. - you think, it is possible for it such to present? Will not take offence?

- I do not understand it, - the woman has shrugged shoulders.

without a shade of doubt she has sold to me the book, has beaten out the check and even has given out a bag.

opposite to shop Europe the tent costs just the same. However, doubtful editions in eyes do not flicker.

- nationalist books are? - I have barked in a window.

- that is concrete? - The woman has pricked up the ears.

- please, something Antisemitic.

- such is not present. Is Main kampf Hitler, - the Saleswoman has taken out from - under floors tolstennyj the volume. - 320 roubles.

I have given a whistle.

under the informal information, in each such tent the biography of the Fuhrer disperses on 4 - 5 pieces in a month. Books are cheaper - still in the big circulation.

From two to five
For kindling national break a set it is possible to go to jail for a long time.

the Source in FSB regional government has declared Under the criminal code article Excitation national, racial or religious hostility - public prosecutor`s. Punishment from 2 till 5 years of imprisonment. On criminal case excitation the Office of Public Prosecutor should accept the decision, and withdrawal of books of the nationalist maintenance is possible only from the court sanction. The estimation of materials is spent by the commission of experts: legal experts, philologists and political scientists. They define, a leah is infringement of constitutional laws of citizens. Our service can assist only on a personal errand of the public prosecutor.

in Office of Public Prosecutor of area the commission from the government as we have found out, too is not has reached. Therefore in spot-check public prosecutor`s workers do not gather yet.

anyway to strike on writers and publishers - carrying out of difficult and long linguistic examination in the Kaliningrad laboratory of judicial examination is required to nationalists.


the Basic criteria for definition of the maintenance of books - wreckers :

- negative statements about national customs and traditions

- communicative installation on provocation

- statements about advantage of one people over another