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In a city shoot dogs

- They do it in the face of children, - with an anguish in a voice the reader who has called us Elizabeth Stepanova has told. - I stood on a balcony. In a court yard the car has driven, people have jumped out of it and have started to shoot from guns on dogs. Children have around begun to cry, and they without words have collected animals and have loaded into a luggage carrier.

this conversation was to feasts. This week with the complaint to hospital attendants we were called by one more person. In Kaliningrad mass catching of vagrant dogs has begun.

- yes, our brigades now comb a city, - the director " has commented; Services of protection of animals Leonid Agafonov. - but we independently do not search for strays four-footed. We have no right. We operate only under the demand


Before feasts hospital attendants have received instructions to clear city centre. Any vagrant dog should not appear at fair or the Victory area - in places of festivals.

- We do not work at the big congestion of people, - has told Agathons. - but someone all the same sees. Through your newspaper I want to explain to townsmen: it not murder. At dogs shoot special cartridges to immobilise. Then they are examined by the veterinary surgeon and decides that with them to do - to lull or send in the receiver.

according to the director Services of protection of animals dogs recognise as vagrant only in the presence of corresponding signs - without collars and with traces of illnesses.

- once we have come across the thrown hangar nearby TSeprussa in which there lived the vagabond and some hundreds dogs, - Leonid Agafonov has told. - it planted them, them and ate. Insanitary conditions - terrible. It, truth, was not this year, but the situation in a city needs to be changed. Vagrant dogs became too much.