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The lost memory the girl searches native

- Help, to me it is bad! - with these words the young girl has appeared on a check point threshold at entrance to Ufa. Then, on September, 7th, the chilled stranger on fast have sent in hospital.

to doctors the patient has told that does not remember neither own name, nor the address - on a broader scale anything from antecedents. In Marina`s medical card (so with the consent of the girl name it in hospital) the age - 18 years, and that approximate appears only.

she has regained consciousness on July, 1st at a bus stop in settlement Burannom that near Magnitogorsk. Under an eye a bruise, any documents. In a handbag: a compact - disks, a mobile phone without sim - maps, two thousand roubles and a plush toy - a bear cub.

- is it would not be desirable, the head very was ill. And the most terrible - absolute emptiness in a head. Only thoughts: Who I? What I here do? How my name is? - Marina tells.

It has sat down in the first approached bus and has gone to Magnitogorsk.

- I hoped that me learn. Waited that from - for a corner there will be a person who will embrace me and will withdraw home, - the girl remembers.

Marina has spent the night on a station bench and on poputke has gone to Chelyabinsk. Every other day - in the Chrysostom, then to Ufa. In each city repeated same: the girl peered into buildings and persons of passers-by. Once on a line between Magnitogorsk and Chelyabinsk it seemed to it that it is familiar places, but inspirations and has not occurred.

- it was sometimes terrible. I was afraid that it can appear any fugitive from justice, the murderer, the thief. Therefore militiamen tried to avoid, - Marina admits. Two months the girl was wound from a city in a city. Spent the night where it is necessary. More often in the street. Any day her will discharge from hospital. Where it will go - while it is not known.

- I am assured that I am am searched by parents. They worry and very much me love, - Marina speaks, hardly constraining tears. - I do not know that will be, if me will not find. I do not want to be on the street again to nobody necessary.

dear readers if you have learnt the girl in a photo, call in militia by phones: 8(3472) 79 - 46 - 16, 73 - 23 - 92, or in edition - Ufa by phone (3472 92 - 44 - 47, or in the Chelyabinsk edition by phone (351 265 - 80 - 66. zhdanov

By the way

has found Alexey`s sick of an amnesia

on May, 30th, 2005 around a city cemetery on Severo friends - the West the man has regained consciousness. He could not remember the name and as here it has appeared. Responded addressed to Andrey. For the whole month it have sheltered in hospital, have tried to return by means of medicines memory, but it is vain. Readers have helped to identify the unknown person. Him called Alexey, all native have moved for a long time to other city, and he lived in Chelyabinsk one.

In 2000 the man has regained consciousness in the middle of Chelyabinsk. Who it, whence also that here does - no concept had. Doctors long tried to cure it: hypnotised, pricked medicines - all uselessly. zatsepkoj the ticket in a trouser pocket on the bus Magnitogorsk - Chelyabinsk was unique. He also was converted into local hospital behind the help. Local doctors were surprised to its skills: he owned east philosophy, yoga, was on you with the computer. But what is his name, and has not remembered

the Inquiry

the Amnesia - full or partial loss of memory under the influence of extreme physical or chemical influence on a brain. At the heart of an amnesia infringements and deformations of formation, fastening or reproduction of events lie.