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Rail buses it is better than the underground

In sabbatical number from November, 12th we told about idea of building of the underground in Kaliningrad. Readers have supported authors.

- certainly, the underground is time for building for a long time! I here, for example, live in settlement Kosmodemjansky. To reach the Central market or on Selmu, it is necessary to go with change about an hour, 40 roubles I give! I ask: construct an underground branch to us in Kosmu, we will be very grateful.

Svetlana Armnotova, settlement Kosmodemjansky

- the Underground in Kaliningrad to build it is illogical and it is uneconomical. Experience of Soviet Union and the whole world shows that the underground needs to be built in cities with the population more than one million. Perhaps, while at us it is better to construct the land underground, as to Butovo in Moscow.

Alfred Jaroshkin, Kaliningrad

- If Boos has decided to increase seriously the area population in 5 times, really it is time to reflect on underground building in Kaliningrad. And the project needs to be developed already now. After all if plans of the governor are carried out, up the time of real building in a city will be not less than 2 million inhabitants!

Boris Baskakov, Kaliningrad

- At the population in 400 thousand persons of the underground in Kaliningrad to build silly. If there is money, it is better to repair existing tram ways on the Czech silent technology. Or really to start up on a city rail buses. Them do at the same factory in Mytischi where also usual cars of the underground, only a stuffing change. If to involve existing ways and to start up them from settlement Kosmodemjansky through Southern and Northern stations to Chkalovsk, it will be possible to reduce third of existing city bus routes.

Dmitry Ivanovich, Kaliningrad

- I and more two women sitting near to me we vote for the Kaliningrad underground! We the European city, it is necessary to introduce technical novelties. Only let this underground will be not such expensive, as in Moscow. At all of us - taki level of incomes more low.

Marina Kolenchuk, Kaliningrad

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