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The cadet killed the student

in the Evening on November, 12th on Vasilevsky`s area terrible fight has inflamed.

- we sat the company, the person six, - tells one of witnesses to incident. - suddenly to us any guy has jumped up. That he spoke, it was difficult to understand, apparently, voiced any claims. Has then snatched with fists. Someone from our it knew, heard, persuaded: Sasha, calm down! tried to drag. I remember, eyes at it were absolutely mad as if drugs has swallowed. It has broken the person to one our friend, we began to stop a wound. Suddenly we see: Sergey and that guy on other end of the area fight.

friends were not in time. When they have run up, 22 - the summer student of evening department KGTU already lay on the earth, bleeding profusely. The run away opponent as it was found out later, has put it ten blows by a knife in a chest, a back and the person. The regional hospital is located literally a stone`s throw away, but Fast 20 minutes were necessary to wait. The militia which has approached earlier first aid to the wounded man, despite requests of witnesses, has not rendered. To an accident ward of the guy have brought already dead. Its bride who was in the same company as remember, howled, as if a she-wolf .

To honour of law enforcement bodies, ponozhovshchika they have established the person. Alexander has appeared the cadet Baltic military - sea institute.

- the preventive punishment selects arrest, - the public prosecutor of the Leningrad area Vladimir Graf speaks. - but the suspect while is not in the chamber, and in military hospital.

Vladimir Viktorovich has refused to inform details, having mentioned only that the inspector has gone to interrogate the cadet in a treatment place. According to the law, the military Office of Public Prosecutor will be engaged in incident investigation also. Criminal case materials there should receive today.