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Comedy at which nobody laughed

Andrey Konchalovsky in the theatrical interpretation well-known Seagulls has shown that the comedy can be absolute tragedy. From first minutes of action there is a sensation that on a scene if not a shelter for insane persons, a society not quite adequate people.

Treplev should be the hero of a Chekhovian comedy on idea. It does not enclose pigs to the relatives, soul is pure. But, on Andrey Konchalovsky`s versions, all its positivity bring to nothing shutovstvo and any painfull reactions, airs and hysterics. Theatrical critics have counted at Trepleva more than ten illnesses - from increase shchitovidki to a schizophrenia. And at the height of dismantlings with mother (actress Arkadinu Irina Rozanova has played) it is shown also edipov a complex.

Andrey Konchalovsky repeatedly admitted that wants to put such the Seagull which would be pleasant to Anton Pavlovichu Chekhov. I think, at the director it has turned out. A genre Seagulls - a comedy, its heroes really laugh without interruption. But public thus potrjasenno is silent.