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Andrey KONCHALOVSKY: Chekhov will be defeated by football

dramatic theatre two days there was a notice. And the day before the director of performance Andrey Konchalovsky has answered questions Andrey Sergeevich, by what principle you cast in to the Seagull ?

- On any question it is possible naveshat different noodles. Actors everywhere actors. The Russian actor plays better Chekhov, English - is better than Shakespeare. Cast is a half of success of performance or cinema.

but I do not know, a leah will be to study following generations Chekhov, on - to mine, now are interested in more other art forms, basically football. Francois Mauriac has told that 21 centuries will be a century of football. Also it is truth.

- about what you put the Seagull about the conflict of generations?

- Everything, what I to you have told, it is not meaningful. You leave from performance not with words of the director, and with sensation. Statement was pleasant or not. The conflict - shmaflikt are intellectual things which are important for critics. When me ask: about what? I respond: about life.

know, actress Olga Knipper - Chekhov has asked the husband: What is life ? Chekhov has told: And what such carrot? Carrot is carrot, and life is life .

- After glory and success in art you have reached the same in private life?

- you know, to me has carried, I many times had a family. I many times got divorced and it is impossible to tell that I am an exemplary family man. But as a result has carried, I had a family to which it would be desirable to come back. The heaviest thing, would not be desirable when home to go.

- you in something limit yourselves?

- I ask not to limit my budget. Because at me it is a lot of children, the alimony and other. I limit myself in everything, except sports.

life shares on game and on life. You now play journalists, I in the director. It not life. And here you rise in the morning, you go to a toilet, you look at yourself in a mirror, the child has begun to cry is life. And has then put on a tie, has smeared lips and has gone to play.

- Andrey Sergeevich how you estimate work of the wife in a role of leading culinary transfer?

- I am proud of it and I use fruits of its work every day.