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Andrey Chuev will tell truth about the House - 2

Half of participants of show is not pleasant to me! CHueva spectators adored - the cheerful, main ringleader and the inventor. From a reality - show it has left with scandal - has fought with Romoj Tretjakovym, during an instant has collected suitcases and it has there and then appeared behind collars. Admirers sobbed at screens

- On to the House - 2 I do not miss at all! - Andrey Chuev has first of all told in Chelyabinsk. - I was tired of it. Has bothered, year there has stayed! And now it would be desirable to walk, live, communicate with people freely. There it was necessary to talk constantly to someone, even when it would not be desirable. And what to do, if half of participants of the program is not pleasant to me? These people are not necessary to me!

I all there did one. The majority of children is wiped simply by trousers and idle. And Chuev thus jumps, tries, entertains. I was tired of sitting on one place - here and have left from the project. As the love I already has constructed - There was Yana, and it is good!

now at all of us it is excellent - we live together. Yana studies in high school, has in parallel gone on Ostankinsky courses of telepresenters. I think, all at it will turn out. Bears go by mopeds - really people cannot learn to conduct the program on television?

Knigu Buzovoj can be burnt

- Now all offences Houses - 2 were already forgot. Recently went there on affairs, with all normally communicated. But friends at me there are not present - even May I cannot name the loved one. We had a creative union, we understood each other from a half-word. And the true friendship is checked by time.

I even have more become friends not with participants, and with workers Houses - 2 . In them there is more human. Year in the House - 2 has not passed for me for nothing - I have got a heap of useful communications and acquaintances. I spoke at once: my purpose on the project not love. It is easy for finding and in usual life. I would like, that me have learnt and thanks to it I have got to numbers of figures of show - business. Fortunately, all has turned out. For example, now my acquaintances have put in for my a word to founders Komedi klab . I will arrive to Moscow - I will go on the program. Perhaps take

I Dream to shoot film - such, that for it distances Oscar . Even villages to script. Has shown a slice to producer TNT, and he has responded me: You are better about the House - 2 the book make. It now on peak . I have pondered the offer, villages to write. Also has poured down! There is very easy and simple text on style. I write constantly. Here, for example, today in the Chelyabinsk hostel at night to me it was not slept - I nakatal some sheets.

the book will be class, in it all truth about the House - 2 . Its part is already written, producers have countenanced work. Now hurry: Work more likely! the name too is - Horrors of Chueva . I will tell about the girls in a reality - show. Them was fifteen. And, seemingly, in one volume all of them will not get . Perhaps it is necessary to do a book serial. In general, it will be the story that remains behind a transfer shot. What did not see spectators. With my present relation to heroes of show. For example, I will write about Victoria Krasevoj is the most insincere, stale and dirty girl on the project. I did not believe its any word. I remember, it so got me every day: You do not understand that love me! You simply are afraid to admit it

By the way, about the House - 2 wrote and to me. Recently to the public there was Romy Tretjakova book and Oli Buzovoj. I have read it. I will tell one: when there is my book, their story can be torn and burnt.

the house will get to us with Yana

On program conditions the main prize of a reality - show is a ready house in Moscow suburbs (where now there live participants). Actually now it already almost settlement. There is an old house where taken place steams reside. New - for those who was not defined yet. Three VIP - a small house for enamoured. One guest for leaders Turns out a housing estate in a picturesque place on the bank of Istra. When show will come to an end - and this date is not known even by producers - all enamoured couples which have got acquainted in " can apply for it; the House - 2 .

Wishing to battle for prestigious real estate it is a lot of. Among them and Chuev with the bride Yana. and what here to discuss? The house, of course, will get to us! - Andrey is assured of the forces. - I will come behind it later! he says This phrase so as if it is a question of any trifle. Probably, televiewers will vote for the house. Then the favourite of public Chuev, and truth, can appear among favourites.

- spectators vote heart, - Andrey speaks. - here, for example, the queen Houses - 2 there was a Sun. As a matter of fact, at all the beauty. If the winner chose under the external data, the crown would be received by busty Alena Vodonaeva.

- And leaders as - that influence it? How on a broader scale there were thy relations with Ksjushami?

- They absolutely different people. With Sobchak I always argued. And Borodino - very simple person, the lover to talk, look for true. It is very interesting to communicate with both. Now Borodinoj is looked after by the new guy - too the participant of show. But, I consider, it at all does not approach it. Ksjuha always chooses do not understand whom

- Than further - that you will be engaged?

- plans the sea but while about them I do not speak. I am assured that all at me will be good. Let even I will fall today and I will break a neck. But tomorrow I will recover and I will earn one million. I even have developed the formula of all life: I am happy, fruitful, positive and successful. And each trouble in my life is only next step to mammon!

The File

Andrey Chuev

27 years.

has arrived to show from Stary Oskol.

in show was 357 days.

the project tried to marry, but the bride has run away from a registry office. Has then met Yana. The girl so has fallen in love with Andrey that has left together with it from the project when it has quarrelled with participants.