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Sauna or bath - what to choose?

any water procedures not only are necessary for cleanliness observance, but also are useful to health. The main thing that the kind of procedures corresponded to your spirit and urgent needs of an organism, and do not forget about sense of proportion. If you reasonably approach to this question the result will not keep itself waiting.

a sauna

to make abiding in a sauna as much as possible useful to health, there are instructions for use which need to be known. One weekly session lasts at least an hour and a half and includes three obligatory stages: a hot shower, a skin wipe dry and actually abiding in a cabin, rest after sauna visitation. In nowise it is impossible, that after there was a feeling of weariness. If the state of health unimportant, means, any error has been admitted, instructions for use have not been considered by a sauna.


- the Sauna can stop process of an exhaustion of vital forces. It is one of methods of preventive maintenance of some infectious and rheumatic diseases, with its help it is possible to get rid of the strongest cold.

is a perfect way to keep the shape.

- in a sauna the organism is released from toxins.

- dry heat gives simplification at pains, removes muscular stress. Organism warming up restores balance in blood supply of a brain, extremities and all organism. The nervous system and an internal - a liver, an intestines and lungs - are released from stagnant blood.


- the Temperature above 100 degrees - is already adverse. At such heat coagulability of blood and an albuminous exchange is broken, heart overloads accrue, changes kislotno - alkaline balance of an organism.

- people irritable and subject to stresses instead of a relaxation will receive sharper stimulation. And it is fraught with warm failures and nervous problems. The sauna is counter-indicative to the people, suffering affliction by a glaucoma, miopiej to high degree, mastopatiej, vitiligo. An obstacle are also the cataract and cough.

- after a sauna it is not desirable to visit a sun deck as the skin photosensitivity sharply increases. And its natural protection, skin fat, is removed.

bath influence on an organism

Not all love a sauna and some prefer it water procedures, for example - a bath. Here the most important thing - sense of proportion and common sense. Procedure should be pleasant and not call negative emotions. Baths can be the general action and medical. Happen weakening, calming, toning up, obshcheukrepljajushchimi.


- Water procedure normalises blood circulation, speeds up work of kidneys and respiratory muscles.

- opens and cleans pores.

- reduces intensity, raises the general tone of an organism, removes irritation on a skin. Application of phytoadditives strengthens medical - preventive action of a bath.

- water removes stress and improves mood as level of stressful hormones (adrenaline, noradrenalina, kortizola) in blood decreases.

- depending on temperature and the preparations added in water, the bath can invigorate or calm, weaken or tone up, treat and kill a pain and an inflammation.


- the Bath can be accepted only through 2 - 3 hours after meal.

- it is impossible to bathe during monthly

- the Hot bath cannot be accepted to hypotonics

Additives for baths

to Strengthen favorable influence of water on an organism it is possible by means of various additives. Foams for baths contain the components softening tap water. They also include soft active washing substances and additional fats which are absorbed in a skin and well it is cleared. Foams as well as butters for baths and essence, creates effect of an aromatherapy - positive influence of smells on an organism. Can contain vegetative extracts. To prepare a bath with radio small, it is necessary to add in water only 5 - 15 drops - how much, should be written on a label, and the autocratic increase in a dose can lead to irritation or even a burn.

favorable action on a skin and an organism as a whole is rendered by grassy baths thanks to vitamins containing in plants, microcells, fitontsidam. Besides, inhalation of aromas of grasses calms nervous system, helps at colds. Grasses for baths can be used in a fresh and dried kind - for broths, and also in the form of tinctures and extracts.


Remember about polinoz

the Allergologist of the diagnostic centre of regional hospital Tatyana TRONNIKOVA:

the Sauna is categorically counter-indicative to asthmatics. In a treatment case grassy baths it is necessary to find out - a leah is not present at you allergic reaction to components which are included into their structure, a leah you suffer affliction polinozom. In this case it is impossible to use not only grasses, but also essence, srubs on the basis of coffee, honey which can provoke an allergy. At whom an allergy to birch kidneys, it is impossible to be soared by a broom made of branches of this tree.

for WHOM it is impossible

Managing physiotherapeutic branch of Road hospital of the item Kaliningrad Irina DENESJUK:

- Medical baths are appointed in a complex, as auxiliary means at treatment of infringement of a metabolism, diseases of digestive organs, movement, nervous system, etc. It is impossible to take baths and to visit saunas at sharp inflammatory diseases, and as in an aggravation of diseases, at an ischemic heart trouble, at becoming wet dermatitah, individual sensitivity of a skin, vegetative dysfunctions, an epilepsy, the mycoses, the expressed atherosclerosis of a brain. If you take a house bath important that water was not cold or hot, and necessarily after procedure it is necessary to have a rest minutes 15 - 20.