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The shoemaker became the robber

40 - the summer local resident all past week-end accepted strong drinks. And on responses from local law enforcement bodies the man it good, when the sober:

- the Class shoemaker, able fingers, - have informed us in Nesterovsky militia. - and here such has done, at all we do not know how to qualify, whether armed assault, whether hooliganism.

in a report of the Department of Internal Affairs of area the information, chilling blood is informed on this incident. A pier, under favour of the darkness (business was in the evening on November, 14th) in shop Sinema in Nesterov the unknown person with a knife has rushed. And under the threat of application of violence he has tried to take hold of money from cash desk. The criminal have detained on a scene of crime at a counter with musical disks. Delivered in department. There the drunk citizen had to answer questions of investigators. He admitted that on Monday money has ended. Has gone to the familiar seller to shop Sinema . Has asked the dealer to borrow to a few cash. But it is visible, the friend has considered that money can be injurious to health of the borrower. Then the shoemaker has started a hand in cash desk and intended to pull out contents.