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Who has set fire Soljanku ?

On the night of Tuesday the cafe " has flared; Soljanka . Instigators have crept from a zoo and have poured kerosene over a back wall of a building where settles down exits of ventilation of kitchen. Probably, burnt badly, therefore malefactors had to rise on the second floor, on a summer platform covered with a plastic awning. Here kerosene have poured some wooden benches. But they have appeared are impregnated by a special antifire solution and only smoked. As a result from a flame the tense awning has a little fused.

it is visible, instigators so were upset that have left on a scene of crime pair of dark blue rubber gloves and two plastic five-litre bottles from - under kerosene. Probably, wanted, that at militia, firemen and the owner of an institution - the deputy of regional Duma of Vitautas Lopaty were not doubts that is an arson.

- basically, the damage small, - ascertained the Shovel, examining a place of a night fire. - It is no more thousand dollars.

- who could make it?

- I do not have enemies, only political - fraction an United Russia . Anyway, I promise to pay 3 thousand dollars for trustworthy information about organizers of this arson and I give a personal guarantee of inviolability to executors.

- as you represent it to yourselves: deputies an United Russia were constructed in a column and amicably have gone to burn down Soljanku ? - Has burst out laughing vitse - the speaker of regional Duma, the deputy of fraction an United Russia Valery Frolov. - I do not exclude that the arson could arrange itself the Shovel, and now uses this fact for own public relations. I think, most likely, they are any boys have seen enough plots about France and have gone to smash cafe. And can, somebody did not like the high prices in this snackbar?

That is curious, the militia refuses comments, referring to absence of the official conclusion of firemen. And those assert that the call on a fire was not, means, and there is nothing to investigate. As a result of all the information on incident the owner of cafe - the deputy the Shovel which can manipulate it as will take in head possesses only.