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Kaliningradtsam have presented a crown of count Sheremetev

At the Kaliningrad region there were arms. The member of Heraldic Council at the president of Russia Michael Medvedev worked three years. Yesterday it has presented the version of a symbol which deputies of a regional thought should confirm.

- me have asked not to connect the Kaliningrad edge with its pre-war and military history, - Michael Jurevich speaks. - In the decision I made a start from the basic symbols of edge - Baltic sea, amber and an accessory of region of the Russian Federation.

in the arms only three components - an azure background, a wing of an eagle and an amber crown.

- It is meant that it is the Russian eagle, - explains laconicism of the version Medvedev. - I could not reproduce the whole bird. There was a danger to break the federal law About the Russian arms . Place I one head, would find communication with the German arms. It was necessary to manage a wing.

the crown history is more interesting. Variants was much, but Michael Jurevich has dug out a crown of a sort of Sheremetevyh which, under the legend, have Prussian roots.

- the crown over a board is a heraldic tradition. It is connected with Prussian roots in ancient Russian families, - Medvedev has told. - including - Sheremetevyh. From their arms I have transferred a crown on Kaliningrad and have decorated with amber.

this original way to connect the past and the present was, as a matter of fact, a unique variant to avoid the international conflicts. The Kaliningrad region occupies only a part of East Prussia, other territories Lithuania and Poland own. Actually germano - Prussian symbols would do these arms, according to experts, pretenzionnym.

By the way, a crown - not necessarily monarchic symbol. In the region arms it is a sign on local powers.

in the future, most likely, there will be smart versions of the arms. Medvedev suggests to deduce the motto the Right and the world Written on Latin and to add shchitoderzhatelej. Griffins - guards or leopards can be them.

- at first I will wait, while your legislators will confirm the simplified version, - summarised geraldist. - Disputes will be on each element and if the Kaliningrad region does not want remain without a symbol in the following, anniversary year, it is necessary to accept the variant at least not overloaded with elements.

some legislators are dissatisfied with that the arms were thought up by a stranger, instead of the radical expert. Medvedev parries:

- In heraldry it is great value has no. I live in Petersburg, and me why - that asked to make the arms not only for the Russian regions, but also, for example, for the Canadian province of Nunavud.

the area flag Is thought up also. It of the same lazorevo - amber colour.

the order for arms manufacturing costs about 1 thousand euro.


Michael Medvedev. Member of Heraldic Council at the president of Russia. A member-correspondent of the international academy of heraldry and Royal Madrid genealogy and heraldry. The author of the arms Murmansk, Belgorod, Lipetsk and other regions of Russia.