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In hockey we will play in seven years

On Monday to Kaliningrad legends of the Soviet hockey - Sergey Babinov, Yury Ljapkin, Vyacheslav Anisin, brothers of Golikovy, Alexander Gusev, Ilya Bjakin have arrived. In 70 - 80 - h years these sportsmen have brought to our country glory of hockey power.

but we have lost this glory, and veterans want it to return. They go on the country, show the master - a class to children and play with local commands.

- to compare kaliningradtsev there is nobody, - the merited trainer of the USSR Nikolay Karpov who heads a national team of veterans speaks. - children go for a drive slabenko, the base at you is not present. But if undertake properly, three - four ice arenas will construct, trainers good will invite, - children will grow professionals.

Nikolay Ivanovich, by the way, trained not only domestic commands, but also modular Japan.

- we Prepared for a match from modular Germany, - remembers Carps. - about this game spoke: Who is stronger, Samurais or Aryans? We have won. To me the reading and writing was handed over by the emperor of Japan. Then to me wanted to cut off hands and to send in a museum. After all they were shaken by the emperor!

in Kaliningrad to hockey boom far. The children`s sports school has opened half a year back, at us only two skating rinks of the small size and one amateur command. It is contained by businessmen. The power promised to be tightened.

on a match of legends of hockey with Kaliningrad Storm George Boos has approached. In Moscow it is known for the love to send on errands in the evening on the fads and with a stick in hands. George Valentinovich has asked veterans of a pardon that accept them on artificial ice and on small, in one and a half time less standard, a platform.

- soon we will invite you to play on excellent ice arena, - the governor promised.

the match has ended with victory of legends of hockey - 6:3.

- M - yes, it not in the Lithuanian championship to play, - fans, when veterans once again " blinked; unrolled the Kaliningrad hockey players.

- trainers are necessary, - the director of the Kaliningrad sport school for hockey, the master of sports of the international class Sergey Serikov made a helpless gesture. - in Magnitogorsk as have made? Have invited experts from Omsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk. Have given apartments and the salary on 500 dollars. At us the rate of the trainer - 2 thousand roubles, naturally, nobody will agree to work for such money.