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The exit always will be

the Storm in smooth water
Tyumen, one of the richest regions of Russia, have been never deprived by attention of financiers: all on a proverb - money to money. During the last years in area divisions at least ten leading domestic banks have opened. Here interests of several more tens of others, less known, but all - taki enough serious financial institutions - both local, and federal value are presented.
It seemed, demand of local business for qualitative bank products and services is satisfied on all hundred. It seemed, so will be always.
Till autumn of last year it was not believed and that world financial crisis will mention Russia: remember reasonings about smooth water and the high prices for oil?.
Alas, optimistical forecasts have not justified. Crisis has appeared suddenly and to us. As the first its blows were felt by builders: banks have suspended crediting of the building companies, the part of already erected objects is frozen till the best times, life signs are visible, perhaps, only on building of the buildings which are highly of readiness. About start of new projects of speech also does not go at all.
affairs and in the industry Not in the best way are. Owners of the enterprises are urged to recognise: this year volumes of output can fall considerably.
the Situation would be not so depressing, have banks possibility to finance real sector of economy in former volumes. But access to credit resources of the West for them is closed today, and a stock of own means at many it has appeared insufficiently.
the Strategic line remains immutable
to Deny that the economy endures serious crisis - all the same what to hide a head in sand, - the vice-president, trustee NRB Sergey Kobin speaks. - It is necessary to recognise existence of serious problems and to estimate their depth. But the main thing - on the basis of this estimation to find a way out of a current situation. And the exit, I is assured, always will be .
my interlocutor has bases for similar judgements. NRB - one of few Russian banks which have managed in present hard times not simply to survive and to save a sufficient stock of the liquidity, allowing to continue work in a normal mode and, bole they be to develop.
With worthiness to bear crisis blows to National reserve bank the experience got by it during crisis of eleven-year prescription has helped. It is necessary to notice that NRB - one of the oldest Russian banks: this year to it   15 years were executed. The Chairman of the board of National reserve bank Arcady Kolodkin tells:
- Today with 15 - summer history any more so it is a lot of private bank structures. The majority of the present financial organisations have resulted from crisis of 1998 when from the reeled banks in an emergency order poured actives in a bridge - banks. And we - those from the few who has stoically taken place all hell circles did not deduce actives, fairly paid off with creditors and clients - and has carried out before them of all obligations. Today this experience for us - key: We in practice know, crisis, what their specificity consists of what stages, in what the main threats   to bank community and as it is necessary to prepare for crisis blows. Perhaps, therefore our strategy in the conditions of present crisis differs that our colleagues do. We do not repeat last errors and we try   to the full to use those possibilities which are given by crisis for development and which we could not use in 98 - m. For banks is an increase in client base and expansion of presence at regions, than we now and are engaged.
Today NRB is in more favourable situation, than many other banks, - continues A.Kolodkin, - because to prepare to crisis we have begun already one year ago: have balanced the actives - have reduced in percentage terms a portfolio of securities, have increased volume of credits to real sector, perenatselili Credit portfolio with most peregretyh economy sectors on the least subject to market risks, have increased volume of own means.   for today of acute problems with liquidity or credit resources NRB does not test .
In the beginning of last year shareholders of bank the decision on start of the fan program of development of a filial network was accepted. Yes, life has a little corrected plans, however bank divisions continue to open on all country. By the end of 2008 NRB has opened six branches - in Yaroslavl, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Saratov, Chelyabinsk, Bryansk,     and 7 operational offices - in Krasnoyarsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Stavropol, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don and Tula.   in the spring of this year have begun work bank branches in Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Samara.
Thus, despite of crisis, NRB follows the strategic line, stage by stage expanding a filial network and increasing client base in regions. Thus the bank has not suspended any of the programs and has not reduced the list of offered products and services. However crisis should affect even such steady credit institution, as   NRB. In the conditions of a difficult economic situation its tactics in the market of bank services has undergone certain changes. we have made serious enough updatings. In our plans for regional branches have tried to clean all indicators connected with volumes, - tells A.Kolodkin. - the main task - to save a present credit portfolio, having improved its quality. Our priorities in a grocery number have a little changed: we have concentrated on documentary business - guarantees, letters of credit. Though we actively enough continue to finance both private persons, and the company, the rate we do more on regions where the situation is stabler, rather than on capital. Even we did not turn off the mortgage program, have only entered more rigid requirements to borrowers, have corrected rates according to the market. Have developed a ruler of contributions absolutely on market conditions, optimised rates. And today, first of all, in regions, we observe a quite good gain of private deposits .

Chairman of the board NRB Arcady Kolodkin.
the Real creditor of real sector
the Tyumen branch NRB has taken place in the city centre, in the street Malygin. And if as early as a year   back this event could and not call essential interest now it is necessary to pay attention to it, at least, for the several reasons.
the Policy of National reserve bank strongly enough differs from a policy of other capital banks, - Sergey Kobin, - historically NRB - bank investment, focused on crediting of real sector explains. We traditionally co-operated with the large industrial enterprises of leading branches: aircraft engineering, metallurgy, telecommunications, thermal power station, housing construction From the beginning of last year the range of clients served by bank has extended at the expense of the average and small-scale business enterprises about which many other banks have forgotten in the hobby for retail.
Despite crisis, we on - former are ready to give as much as possible wide list of products and services. From cash service before delivery of bank guarantees and support of the foreign trade operations, from various kinds of crediting to the organisation of the difficult structured transactions. And, of course, our fad - carrying out of documentary operations. Plus bill crediting, various deposits, service settlement chains .
Even before branch opening when in Tyumen representation NRB operated, the bank has received from the several solid enterprises of area of the demand for granting of volume credits. Today the circle of clients NRB continues to extend. Complex service is offered to all of them.
to Support the Tyumen business
it is how much possible to judge, the area management has conceived ward NRB to region with favour, local business - with hope. Already now at an estimation stage there is variety of the projects assuming financial participation NRB in their realisation. In particular, it is a question of trade,   building, neftjanke, agricultural industry. That is the help will be rendered those branches which more sharply others need partnership with reliable and well-founded financial institution.
the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation named Tyumen among twenty most effective regions of Russia, - vice-president NRB S.Kobin speaks. - the State is ready to help unique edge to overcome difficulty. If to local business will substitute a shoulder also large private banks - this help will be much more effective: The economy without the finance cannot normally develop, as well as the financial system cannot increase actives without growing economy
We see the big possibilities for development of local small and average business. NRB in a status to help the Tyumen businessmen to recover from the suffered losses, and then and to realise not area territories interesting projects of regional level. Moreover, our bank, leaning against trust of the state in the name of the Central Bank and Agency on insurance of contributions, it is ready to participate actively in sanitation and consolidation of bank system in all regions. Including - in Tyumen.
In bank sector of the country there is an integration process. I am assured, at NRB there are all possibilities to enter into number of those Russian commercial banks which not only become a support of a financial system of the country, but also can compete on equal terms in the future to the largest credit organisations of the world .
By the way

this year NRB 15 years were executed. Celebrating round date in the history, the National reserve bank has invited clients to use one of the offers most favourable for today under deposits:   the rate - 15 %, term of placing of 180 days. The minimum sum of the deposit - 15 million roubles.
And for the population the bank since April, 15th, 2009 has installed the highly remunerative fixed deposit NRB - 15 years .
the Rate on anniversary   to the contribution makes 15 % annual. Contribution currency - roubles of the Russian Federation. The size of the minimum payment - 15 thousand Roubles. Placing term - 181 day. Term of acceptance of contributions on the given conditions - till August, 15th, 2009 inclusive.
contribution Conditions NRB - 15 years high profitableness in a combination to small term of placing and rather small size of the minimum payment distinguishes.
AKB National reserve bank (NRB) works in the Russian and foreign financial markets of 15 years. It has been based in April, 1994 as the limited liability company and for the past 15 - letie was transformed to the large universal commercial bank entering on many indicators in number of leaders in the Russian and international bank ratings.
Despite crisis, NRB has approached to round date in the history with good results. Following the results of first four months 2009   bank actives on RSBU have made 60,4 billion roubles that on 1 billion roubles more than on the beginning of year, a credit portfolio has grown on 11 % to 36,5 billion roubles (a pure gain - 3,6 billion roubles). The mortgage portfolio has exceeded 10 billion roubles. Own capital NRB from the beginning of year has increased by 1,5 billion roubles - to 22,2 billion roubles, and sufficiency of the capital exceeds standard value more than in 3 times.
branch NRB Address in Tyumen: 625048, Tyumen, Malygin`s street, d. 4, bodies.: (3452 63-34-62, 63-34-35.
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