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In Yaroslavl Lazarev and Nemoljaeva have shared a secret of a happy matrimony

Now at the Yaroslavl newly-married couple there will be a new point in a wedding route. A sculpture representing Peter and Fevroniju Murom - the symbol of matrimonial love and fidelity in Russian culture, - will establish already on July, 8th on Pervomaisk parkway near to a children`s playground. On Saturday here have put a stone with an inscription which designates hidden presence of orthodox promoters of a family.

Specially for the sake of this event to a city there have arrived national actors Alexander Lazarev and Svetlana Nemoljaeva. For event presentation this actor`s pair has been chosen not casually. More recently, in March of this year, national actors have celebrated 49 years of joint life. The next anniversary will be anniversary -     the gold.
after solemn ceremony   they have gone on a creative meeting which has taken place in a theological seminary.

- Many actor`s families collapse, because someone is more successful, the husband, the wife. And we always went a nostril to a nostril, - Alexander Lazarev has shared secret of a happy matrimony.

In a creative family and son Shurik has grown the actor.

- very house there was a boy and strongly suffered affliction, because that it is not enough with us spent time, - Svetlana Nemoljaeva remembers. - We for the son   got vacation packages in the best places. Nearly in a lap stood, if only to get! And anywhere it was not pleasant to it. It has passed once the grandmother a note in which has written the Grandmother, the Christ God I ask, take away me otsedova .

At actors now dense enough schedule. Those days when they are not occupied at theatre, there and then acquire affairs. Here and in Day of protection of children when at theatre of Mayakovsky will play performance - a fairy tale for children, they will act in film.  

- the Kiev film studio removes documentary   The serial about Armen Djigarkhanyan, - is told by Svetlana Nemoljaeva. -   We with   Armen   have worked together at theatre 23 years. So about it we will tell.

In July in Yaroslavl visit of two more celebrities is expected: Valery Zolotuhin and Irina Alfyorov will arrive on opening of a sculpture of Peter and Fevronii Murom. In pre-revolutionary Russia the feast in honour of these sacred was marked very widely.
now the tradition is revived. And not only in Yaroslavl. In the end of June monuments to promoters of a family will appear in Arkhangelsk. Later they will be established in C, Tolyatti, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk. To Yaroslavl will carry this time more than others. At us the monument will be established in a feast -   in Day of the Family, Love and Fidelity.