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Krasnoyarsk citizens began to have a rest less on local resorts

Krasnoyarsk citizens began to have a rest less in edge sanatoria. Experts have told about it Krasnojarskstata : in 2008 improving dispensaries and edge sanatoria were visited by 145 800 persons (from them 45 100 children). And it almost on 7 % is less in comparison with previous year. From them:

- 22,9 % - had a rest and were treated in sanatoria,

- 36,5 % - in sanatoria - dispensaries,

- 27,1 % - in houses and bases of rest, camp sites,

- 13,5 % - in sanatorno - recreation camps of all-the-year-round action.

Every year rest in local health resorts manages to Krasnoyarsk citizens all more expensively, can be therefore wishing to restore the health here begins ever less. In July of last year one day in sanatorium has on the average managed to Krasnoyarsk citizens in 1463 roubles, in rest house - in 961 rouble. Then what to have a rest in Egypt or in Turkey leaves cheaper, than in Siberia. For example, the cheapest vacation package to Egypt for 14 days (without flight) costs 16 400 roubles. It turns out that number will cost a day about 1171 roubles, here enters also a breakfast. In whole, last year the prices on sanatorno - improving services in edge have grown on 32,9 %.

All in 2008 in edge operated 55 sanatorno - the resort organisations and bases of rest:

- 10 sanatoria;

- 17 sanatoria - dispensaries;

- 22 houses and bases of rest, a camp site (on 2233 places);

- 6 sanatorno - recreation camps (which accept having a rest all year long).