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From the parent capital it is possible to take 12000 roubles

the Government in the beginning of this year has increased the parent capital on 12 thousand 431 rouble and 25 copecks.

however it not all good news: at whom now difficult financial position, can receive a part of the sum and spend after the to the discretion (and not just for a mortgage, study or a pension payment as it is necessary under the law about parent the capital).

the New order will sign literally one of these days.

As to us have told in Pension fund Branch across Krasnoyarsk region, they expect that here - here in Ministry of Health and sotsrazvitija will sign the order on payment of 12 000 roubles from the parent capital on urgent needs . It is supposed that for reception of money it will be necessary to show only three documents - the passport, the certificate on the parent capital and an extract from the bank account. On these of 12 thousand can count and those women who have already put in the statement on the order or have already disposed of means of the parent capital for mortgage repayment. In the nearest future it will be possible to be engaged in registration.

to receive 12 000 roubles it will be necessary to write the application and its tax in the branch of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation. (Thus if the second, the third and etc. the child was born during the period from January, 1st, till September, 30th, 2009 - the statement is necessary for submitting not later than December, 31st, 2009 if it has appeared during the period from October, 1st, till December, 31st, 2009 - that statement moves not later than March, 31st, 2010).