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Disappearing from militia, the official of administration of Krasnoyarsk has changed the surname and appearance!

Elena Grigorenko, the daughter-in-law were vitse - the mayor of Krasnoyarsk Anatoly Grigorenko, on Saturday have arrested.

we will remind, the chief of department of legal maintenance of management of municipal habitation of the mayoralty is suspected that stole budget money. For it searched since February, and have found just now. Yes where - in the Irkutsk region, on a summer residence in a garden society the Clear glade .

- On interrogation the suspect disagreed with shown claims upon swindle, and was called as a surname of Kuptsova, - have surprised us in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region. Is also proved to be true check of documents of grocery shop in which Elena has had time to be arranged. To abscond, the Krasnoyarsk official not only has left a native city, but also has changed a surname and even appearance!

So Elena looked after appearance change.
a photo: it is given the Department of Internal Affairs of the Irkutsk region

to identify the suspect, to the Irkutsk region have called Elena`s mum. Them have planted the friend opposite to the friend, Elena long pretended that does not know this person literally for the first time sees. who it? - she with astonishment asked militiamen and suddenly has casually blabbed out, naming another`s woman mum.

Now in unpleasant scandal inspectors will understand.

By the way, Anatoly Grigorenko though already and not vitse - the mayor (it have dismissed from a post of the head of department of town-planning During staff redundancies ), all - taki holds an important post: heads the municipal enterprise capital construction Management .