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One left have not beaten

On Monday of 5 thousand kaliningradtsev have come to look at stadium at tasty football. Visitors from the Eagle occupied in standings the third line from below. With support of tribunes, appear, to Baltic victory is provided.

on the first time it was found out that not only fans, but also the command is convinced of it. In movings, transfers, reception of a ball of our players self-confidence was read. But if the superiority in a class was obvious, in desire to struggle the Eagle looked better. And working horsies of one left not to beat.

we did not remember it. Romana Kagazezheva first goal on 14 - j has definitively weakened to minute Baltic . With inadmissible calmness we squandered 100 - the percentage moments. A football rule you do not hammer - will hammer to you visitors used on 26 - j to minute. Three transfers the Eagle Has reached our gate, Maxim Bondarenko the first blow has got to a bar, and the second has easy finished a ball in a grid. Players Baltic stood as driven.

we continued to press, but as - that is impressive. On 31 - minute Kryshtafovich has received yellow a card for unessential roughness. Head coach Leonid Tkachenko has replaced Egor with third attacking Miodraga Zetsa. Transition from the traditional scheme 4 - 4 - 2 on attacking 3 - 4 - 3 hardly has not resulted in the second goal in our gate. A field of floutingly easy combination the Eagle Vladislav Dujun has taken out a ball from empty gate.

eventually, owners have achieved the necessary result. The second goal has hammered in Zets. 2:1 - ambiguous victory Baltic leaving it is a lot of questions on game discipline of the command.


On Selme build stadium

One of these days a press - the mayoralty service has informed that building of football stadium in microdistrict " has begun; Selma . Correspondents yesterday have estimated, building goes what rates. It has appeared that low.

- the next months we will make only one tribune and we will break a lawn. And if money will give, it is possible also all stadium this year to finish, - have told to us the representative of civil engineering firm.

the future stadium should contain more 3 thousand spectators.

position of commands after 11 tours: 1. Kuban - 22 points. 2. Avant-guard - 20. 3. Terek - 18. 4. Ural Mountains - 18. 5. A dynamo of Mh - 18. 6. Khimki - 17 (10). 7. Salute - Energy - 17. 8. Baltic - 17. 9. Sodovik - 16 (10). 10. Siberia - 15 (10)... 20. An eagle - 6 (10). 21. The metallurgist - 4 (10). 22. Angusht - 4 (10).