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the Father two new school desks will buy!

on May, 15th at school 21 in the street a usual turn employment of the second change have begun Bassejnoj. Pupils 5 And have prepared for a lesson of history which was conducted class rukovoditelnitsa by Tatyana Zelenaja. Laugher Ksjusha Mysnik sat at the first school desk and did not know, than itself to occupy. The attention of the girl was involved with a narrow hole from a bolt on a school desk. The fifth-grader has tried to thrust an average finger of a right hand in an aperture. The first attempt is not has gone right. Then the little girl has repeated exercise, then has thrust a finger definitively and irrevocably, all three phalanxes.

- at first to me it became ridiculous, I have turned to girl-friends and have told that the finger has got stuck, - the fidget smiles. - has then tried to pull out - does not leave! Has raised the left hand, it was converted to the teacher, and it to me it is strict: Pull out! . And it neither there nor here. In a class have laughed.

But soon to all became not to laughter, the finger has started to swell, and Ksjushe was sick. Tatyana Vladimirovna has called principal Veru Karjakinu, have called the school physician. From a dining room have brought vegetable oil, thought that greasing will help to get out a finger of a hole. It is useless. Have called the supply manager, but he was afraid to saw near to a children`s hand. Ksjusha outright was frightened, from eyes tears have begun to flow. Schoolmates have become silent.

at 15 o`clock 15 minutes have called employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. They have quickly arrived. Three rescuers at first have applied lubricating oil, have filled in in microscopic cracks between a finger and a tree. Ksjusha shouted and cried, repeated weepingly: Only get it, the father to school two new school desks will buy!

- one uncle sawed a school desk, another held a screw-driver and something did, I did not look, - the proprietress of a legendary finger tells. - the third rescuer calmed me.

As soon as Ksjushu have released, she has instantly calmed down, has wiped a palm of tear and has run in a toilet.

- yes, now at Mysnik a historical finger, - fifth-graders have fun.

- parents Xenia always help school, and the girl - the big fidget, - speaks class rukovoditelnitsa Tatyana Vladimirovna. - And could study on the five. Three her sisters too studied at our school and too liked to play pranks.

furniture at school modern, space pilot Alexey Leonov here studied. And here school desks are loosened. It is necessary the supply manager to twist new bolts, and holes from old bolts remain - unsafe for curious schoolboys.