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The engineer has left in the nurse, and the militiaman - in opera singers

6 thousand kilometres in the commodity car

To the Kaliningrad centre of professional retraining come despaired of the trade 35 - 40 - summer military men, especially political leaders and engineers. They study foreign languages, modern programming and web - design. Teachers receive a crust of bookkeepers, experts in a phytodesign and improving massage.

the deputy director of Half-Essky professional lycee Leonid Gavrilov, to the contrary, became the teacher before the pension. The candidate geologo - mineralogical sciences has ended geological faculty of the Tadjik university and political - Marxism-Leninism Institute. Has arrived to the Kaliningrad region in 1992.

- we reached here with mum in the commodity car, - he remembers. - in pockets copecks. Spent the night in sleeping bags. Mum cried.

now to it of 88 years, to Leonid - 60. He teaches geology, soil science and geography in lycee. Single.

- at me were both the spouse, and children, - tells the deputy director. - Remained in Dushanbe which I have forgotten. Zaslonku in a shower has put and has begun new life.

pensioners in search

Lyudmila Olejnikova from Sovetska has earned the first money the seller. Then tested the fire inspector. Ten years ago 56 - summer Lyudmila Leonidovna has left darling. Unmarried and childless, she wanted changes. Also has gone on a library science.

- I all life thrilled with the literature, - tells Olejnikova.

In college of culture and arts she has studied three years. There also remained. The secretary.

- while education of the librarian only heats to me heart. But I will necessarily leave to books.

- not on the place Lyudmila Leonidovna, - its colleagues are whispered. - Such attractive woman, to it to supervise over somebody.

still Olejnikova wants to become the lawyer.

- However, money is necessary, - she sighs. - I will save up - I will be learnt. We, pensioners, soul do not grow old. And for all we search.

one more diploma

In medical college navidalis any students. The whole group of folk healers three years ago has come. Four were issued all.

film technician Eugene Klykov studies as the pharmacist. The nurse has decided to become the economist Anna Imashina.

Year to the medical diploma remained to Svetlana Ermohinoj. It began adult life the engineer in computer centre. Worked on the first in the COMPUTER Union:

- Electronics at that time fashionable was.

in eight years has got a job to... To the husband - the wife and mum. And when has again wanted to leave house walls, everywhere announcements already hung: the woman Is required is not more senior 40 years .

- Age, in general, critical, - Svetlana speaks. - a life ceiling. And in me more so much forces were! I have entered the institute practical psychology. The diploma has received, and the satisfaction - is not present. Has gone in the nurse.

the husband did not understand that occurs.

- where it carries you, asked me, - Ermohina laughs. Soon to Svetlana it will be executed 49. Ten of them were occupied with study.

- it is possible to add on also years of a household, - she specifies. - I have learnt on - to the present to prepare and the house to contain. And the main thing - me does not threaten an old age.

love to to Melancholy

the Captain of militia Vadim Meshcherjakov in bodies since 1987. He has divorced from the first spouse from - for the old hobbies for music. It did not like the academic singing of the husband. And after all still the child Vadim gave concerts. Neighbours paid five roubles if only the boy has executed it something from opera repertoire.

On professional work music Meshcherjakovu did not have not enough time. When has received apartment, has provided a family, has grown up the son then Aleksandry Nikolaevny Golubevoj began to take lessons from the legendary teacher.

- Recently has learnt an interesting thing, - Vadim speaks. - on the Indian philosophy, till 40 years the person grows, and then leaves on the path.

42 - summer Vadim strenuously studies the Italian language to sing an aria of Kavaradosi from Puccini`s opera Melancholy in a source language.

- certainly, in a La Scala, - the owner liriko - the drama tenor shares dream.

still he loves a romance of Nadira from Bizet`s opera Selectors of pearls . Vadim has musical merits. In 2000 with Belonogov`s choral chapel it took silver at festival in the Austrian Linz.

- If it is fair, to me it is much more pleasant on a scene, than with a pistol in hands to run, - on the next lesson of a vocal has come from watch to colonies 8. - In - about - from the three post rushes... - the beginnings for raspevki, and from a pure strong voice glasses in audience windows have begun to shake.