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Evgenie Evtushenko: To the computer I was accustomed by Marquez

Nobody Evgenie Evtushenko invited

On creative evening will present the new book “ Monuments will not emigrate “.

- That is you, Evgenie Aleksandrovich, not the emigrant? Though in States at you the house, a family and work of the university teacher.

- It is impossible to emigrate from itself. There will be no country - there will be no Evtushenko. For now at me the map of Soviet Union on which I red tags mark cities and republics where has visited hangs. On a map there is no empty place, except one - Kaliningrad. And did not invite.

- it is possible to learn, what for to you, to the winner of the State award of the USSR, the honorary member of the American academy of arts, the professor and the most eminent Russian poet to expand geography in almost 73 - summer age? Money, I believe, at anything.

- to Kaliningrad not to occupy an originality. I looked documentary films, books read, news on the Internet watched. Considerably that you is in a fever. Meal with poetry - the best encouragement. I should believe that my trade is useful. During uneasy times for Latvia has arrived to Riga. The hall has gathered half from Latvians, half - from Russian. Atmosphere was, to put it mildly, strained. And after performance have begun to smile, in Russian began to communicate.

- you already know, whom with whom in Kaliningrad will unite?

- I would reconcile all Russia with Europe. Borders are scars from a mutual distrust. I still in 55 - m wrote: “ Borders to me disturb, it is awkward to me not to know Buenos - Ajresa, New York, I want to be unsteady, how much it is necessary, in London, with all to speak, though on broken “. On what Volodja Soloukhin advised to me at first to study Marxism. I have not listened to it. Was in 94 countries...

- you and the countries mark?

- Is not present, in it evtushenkovedy are engaged. Anywhere I did not see the bad people. Why? Because it is accepted to judge the whole nation on heads in TVs, instead of on the people.

still I with your city am am connected by a poem “ the Pigeon in Santiago “. My the most favourite though critics did not glorify it. A poem about suicide. Judging by letters, it has rescued from a suicide of more semithousand persons. From Kaliningrad have most sent. This poem, by the way, read with students in Oklahoma. Them has touched. I after all too when - that wanted to die. But to be the pessimist - the easiest way to look cleverer. Criticise to itself on health, inject in surrounding poison of faithlessness in life.

- and you became the optimist?

- Is not present. For absolute optimism I do not have bases. At others, however, too. It is useful to doubt life.

the Cord is lovelier than a platform

- Evgenie Aleksandrovich, at you five children, and it are sons. Last was born, when to you was 57. You continue, while the daughter will not appear?

- I do not know. As it will turn out. About sons there is an interesting version at mine 45 - the summer wife. She speaks: “ You such ladies` man that you can produce only similar “. Masha is sharp on language.

- Take offence? Or everything, what Maria Vladimirovna speaks, - truth?

- Everything that she speaks, first of all, not dull. I never would marry that which idealises me and stares devoted eyes. The spouse should be the friend. I precisely know it: the fourth time is married. It is impossible to be jealous of the past, and Masha understands it. Yes, loved many and any has not stopped loving. Also has not quarrelled. Even after divorce the man should store gratitude to the woman. It is terrible, when at meetings the were husband and the wife say in scurrilous things eyes. I understand now, why the youth loves parties and discos. Deafening music - a good occasion about what not to speak. At restaurants with grief I look at steams which sit, look every which way and are silent.

- that is divorces and new marriages you not muchat?

- Is not present. The present tragedy - to love two women simultaneously... - the voice of Evtushenko has begun to sound more silently. - Ramzan Kadyrov suggests to solve a problem, having legalised a plural marriage. But that to well Moslem, badly orthodox. Not on - russki it.

- the floor-mat is too Russian?

- I Remember, 15 criminals worked with me in Kazakhstan. At them expired term, the escort was not. All perfect story-tellers. I listened to them, without coming off. Then as - that we go with mum in a tram, I to it with enthusiasm tell something. I see: Passengers on the sly depart from us, and at mum of tear in the face of. “ Eugenes, - she speaks, - you through a word strew nonliterary words “. And I did not notice! After that case and from others I do not suffer a floor-mat, and itself I try not to swear. The Moscow bohemia, to the contrary, has entered a fashion on tasty abuse.

- historian Lev Lure named the leader of group “ Leningrad “ Sergey Shnurova the great Russian poet. The floor-mat in its songs of Lure has explained difference of the actor from a scenic image.

- Cords - not ordinary person. It it is valid on a scene affected any. Has got used at image and cannot leave it. Though in it the relish of life and courage is felt. To the power it it is exact not podlastitsja. To me the Cord is lovelier than many ours estradnikov.

Summer in planes

- In July at you birthday. By tradition you will spend it in the Polytechnical museum of Moscow. Be not afraid to repeat scenarios of last years?

- And I will sing that I do infrequently. Still I will present “ Favourites “ from poems of my friend - Alexander Petrovicha Mezhirova. To it of 86 years, he lives in America. Badly feels.

- and you as?

- the Sin to complain. The huge holiday summer begins with Kaliningrad at me. Before flying away I have accepted examinations at students. Three nights did not sleep, time did not suffice. In parallel two articles wrote. From you I will go to Germany on teleconversation with two philosophers. A subject - “ Heimat “. Know, how it is translated?

- “ the native land “ like, - I from memory have removed the rests of knowledge of German.

- it is correct. I hope, good discussion we will arrange. Then to Cuba I treat, on retrospektsiju the books with the big evening of poetry. I write in Spanish a little. For example, a poem on Che Guevara`s  destruction which at a meeting me Gabriel Garsija Marquez asks to read. We with it old friends. I the first in the USSR have brought it “ Hundred years of loneliness “. From Cuba back to Europe. In Italy to me will hand over the award “ For... “ how it is called? Minute, I will look at the exact name... “ for dedication of the life of poetry “.

- Why you so love there? After all it already the thirteenth award from Italy.

- it is exact. And you whence know? - Evtushenko (and why me not to know - about it the world speaks with 1960 - go when it has left for the first time the Union in States) has started. - Me love, probably, because I adore this country. Exclusively pleasant memoirs are connected with it. Once Fellini has invited me to trial viewing of its film “ Juliette and spirits “. When it has considered my three remarks and has anew mounted some scenes, I was happy. And what feasts in Italy go! Smart tables, celebrations indescribable. Something magic in them, medieval...

Evgenie Aleksandrovich has left thoughts in an anticipation of the Italian visit.

and then... I have carefully returned it to plans for summer.

- a premiere of books in Bulgaria and Romania. Yes, has forgotten. In Chile will hand over the higher order of the state. Then record in Moscow series from thirty broadcasts. Everyone is devoted one great poet. Names I will choose itself, - Evgenie Aleksandrovich has told.

- to Evgenie Evtushenko the place will be?

- Perhaps in last transfer.

- but if Pushkin represented sitting at a table with a feather in a hand you - with the laptop.

- very useful thing, by the way. For prose. Marquez has accustomed about fifteen years ago. He has asked, a leah is at me the computer. I have shaken a head. Gabriel has continued: “ You do not represent, how much it of time saves. Believe to me, buy the computer “. And I have gone to shop. Advice of the genius do not scorn … And verses I write down on a paper.