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Officials have not a rest

Leonid GORBENKO, the former governor of the Kaliningrad region in the summer:

At us garbage, at them nuts

the Former Kaliningrad governor any, even to the most fascinating tourist trips prefers to have a rest cultural in the homeland.

- in Kaliningrad I like to spend time in Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, - Leonid Petrovich speaks. - it is a lot of at us beautiful places. And on a broader scale my love, treasured dream is an agrotourism. I tried to impart this business, but a little bit was not in time

Most likely not that was not in time, and at us this kind of tourism easier has not got accustomed. And Leonid Petrovich fine knows why. Sees it personally when leaves poudit a small fish on Pregolju, Vishtynetsky lake or in Half-Essky area:

- At us in area it is, of course, beautiful, only zapaskudili all - garbage is a lot of. Conscience is not present at people. Here is how, tell to me, it is possible to go to Europe with such muzzle?!

Pamjatuja that Leonid Gorbenko was born in Ukraine and always a kind word remembers the historical native land, we have asked:

- And to Ukraine often go?

- two years did not go any more, - Gorbenko has sighed. - But this year in plans is. I will go to native village - in Korsun - Shevchenkovsky area Cherkassk area. The river Ros, Lopukhin`s palace - beauty!

- probably, and on beds time spend? All - taki from a country family

- Now is not present, - the former governor has burst out laughing. - health any more that. And on a broader scale I had a sample of garden architecture earlier - the site was the most beautiful. And how much nuts at us on village! You go, and around nuts. At us garbage, and in Ukraine nuts

Marina DRUTMAN, the chief of department of tourism of the government of the Kaliningrad region:

Three in one

the Kaliningrad officials of the house do not like to sit. And consequently tours frequently replace with it travelling departures. Marina Drutman not an exception. As before recent time it supervised one large travel companies - has all over the world done a bit of travelling in plenty. Here and now a call has found Marina Guramovnu in Pskov. On official journey.

- I in the summer many years have not a rest, - the official has dumbfounded. - probably, years ten. The summer is as you understand, hot it is time for travel companies: always it is a lot of work. Usually we leave where - nibud on rest in the autumn - in the winter. On christmas-tide, for example. And if to speak about concrete places very much I love Europe.

is at Marina Drutman and the special vacation predilections:

- I Love, that different kinds of tourism have been concentrated in one tour. That is called, three in one - beach tourism, informative and so on. Necessarily I try something new. For example, parachute jumps. And more we always go round all country in which we are.

Alexander BASHIN, the main architect of Kaliningrad:

Light dream of Japan

the Main architect of Kaliningrad is occupied not less chief of department of tourism. According to Alexander Bashina, even on the Baltic coast it is possible to leave infrequently - too zanjatr. It also is visible: new buildings in Kaliningrad appear nearly every day.

- I love places in settlement vicinities Don, - Bashin admits. - There beaches very good.

and all - taki zagranpoezdki to the main architect lay ahead in the summer. However, it will be working business trips - to Czechia and Germany.

is at Alexander Bashina and the treasured tourist dream - to visit Japan. And will visit, you look, in the Kaliningrad architecture it will be added which - that brand new. For example, facades in stylistics of Japanese pagodas.

Alexander MUSEVICH, the chairman of the commission of the City Council of Kaliningrad:

Walks without the guide

we have called Deputy Alexander Musevichu in hope, what he - that precisely gathers where - nibud to have a rest. In the summer all - taki each people`s choice has the right to lawful deputy vacation. But not here - that was!

- unfortunately, I will not have time for rest in the summer, - Alexander Ivanovich has declared. - And in the City Council it is a lot of work, and business needs to be developed.

- as so it is possible to work? Without rest?

- well, not absolutely without rest. That as - that to compensate employment in the summer, we all family went on May feasts to Italy. Have visited Venice, on lake Delgardo. Lived in an ancient castle between Verona and Milan, have visited ancient arena in Verona where when - that there took place gladiatorial fights. Sat on those benches on which ancient Romans sat. Romantically!

- On our sea will go? - I continue to try to find out.

is certainly. The place near to an outpost on the Baltic highway Very is pleasant. There the virgin nature. Or my favourite place in Primorski Krai where the steep sea coast reminds Grand Canyon.

earlier Alexander Musevich preferred beach tourism. Has now passed on cultural - informative. Likes to wander in unfamiliar places. And, without the guide:

- It would be desirable to open independently about what when - that read.