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The thief tried to cut field investigators

At half past five a.m., on May, 13th, in militia one of tenants of the house 16 along the street Light in Kaliningrad has called. Citizen K has informed that has woken up from noise in a cellar. Having crept to a door, it has locked the unknown person who rages now in a vault, trying to break loose. To meet got to a trap the private security squad as a part of Alexander Mudragelja and Alain Gorjachkina has gone.

Militiamen have risen before an exit, have warned the person in a cellar that they from militia, and have ordered not to make a fool. However hardly fighters have pushed a door inside as the muzhik with an axe has jumped out. And at once rubanul Alexander across a chest.

- it is good that aimed not a head, - chief OVO has noticed at Central ROVD Oleg Zoshchik. - the Guy was rescued by a bullet-proof vest. Though two layers of protection have appeared punched, and the titanic plate was bent.

blow was such force that the sergeant has fallen and has for a while fainted. The attacking has jumped through it and has advanced to the attack on the second militiaman. That has managed to operate strictly under the instruction. Receding upwards on a ladder, at first has made an admonitory shot. But the muzhik, using foul language, continued to swing an axe - on a handrail there were distinct notches. Then the senior sergeant has tried to wound the criminal in a hand, but has missed also itself has twice received on a forearm. And only when Gorjachkin has appeared pressed to a garret door, it has shot on defeat. Almost simultaneously from below the automatic turn of the regained consciousness companion was distributed. Even having received mortal wounds, the criminal has run out from a cellar in an entrance.

- they at us children skilled, with 90 - h minister years, - has explained rare composure of subordinated Zoshchik.

In some hours the person of the gangster have established. 43 - summer Nikolay Koznov - inhabitant Slavska. To establish the person of the killed the system " has helped; Papilon Prints of its fingers were available in a militian databank.

- means, earlier was we judge and, most likely, repeatedly, - Michael considers fulfilling duties of the public prosecutor of the Central area of Kaliningrad the Shawl.

and both sergeants pass a rehabilitation course, as well as it is necessary under the law after each case of a use of weapons. In parallel there is a check of legality of a use of weapons. According to preliminary data, militiamen have not broken any point of the Law of the Russian Federation About militia .