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Secret drunk woods

About so-called drunk wood on the Kurshsky plait have started talking rather recently. Probably, before opening of a new tourist route. By the way, officially wood prefer to call dancing . Anyway, this name is specified at the information stand established at an input in strange natural education.

arguing on communication of drunkenness and dances in customs ancient prussov, correspondents have gone deep into a thicket. Under pines deep rest reigned, even birds why - that did not sing. Air has been filled by aromas of pitch and the sea. Round us the wood trunks bent in the most intricate image rose. However, poobvyknuv and having looked narrowly, we have come to a conclusion that law is observed. Figures can be divided into three groups conditionally named us a ring an armchair and a harp . Insistently any bright adjective was required. After short altercations we have decided to offer more historical perkunosovo (or perunovo in honour of god of a thunder rather honoured by pagans and a lightning) in favour of more pop vedmino .

On a legend through vedmino a ring it was necessary to climb through against rotation of the Earth. Then ostensibly you will add to yourself superfluous year of life. But here the new hitch was found out - behind dense crones it was not visible the sun! And suddenly it will turn out on a course of rotation of a planet, then that, a minus year?! We, was, have become gloomy, but nevertheless have found a way out, have squeezed at first into one, then in other party. Thus, remained, at least, at the.

what manipulations were required in a case with vedminym an armchair and vedminoj a harp it is not known. Therefore we amused ourselves thought that to us nobody has guessed similar classification. Developing success, we have continued to create legends: on an armchair it was necessary to sit, and in a case with a harp - to play on invisible strings. After diligent execution of all sacramentals there has come the mixed feeling of weariness and deep satisfaction, as after difficult, but fascinating work.

It is thought that to organizers of excursions in drunk - dancing wood it would be necessary to add to the arsenal the customs invented by employees. After all simply to consider the bewitched place, you see, it is dullish. Where it is more interesting to participate in the process of sorcery!

the anomaly Nature SPEAK while precisely is not defined

Ufologists and biologists defend the various points of view.

the unusual pine pine forest on the Kurshsky plait has arisen after war. At Germans here there was simply naked dune on which the glider school was based.

- rather drunk Woods researchers and scientists converge only in one opinion - any natural anomaly takes place, - the deputy director of national park " speaks; the Kurshsky plait Alexander Salihov. - the Reasons are called different. Ufologists repeat electromagnetic radiations. Biologists suspect a larva pobegovjuna, bending down tops of trees to the earth. There is also a version and about underground sources - people with special frameworks repeatedly tried to define their site. We and have dared at a certain similarity of research experiment with several saplings of a pine to look, as they will develop. The first results we hope to wait in 5 years.