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The governor has urged women to give birth

Seldom what of a press - conferences of the Kaliningrad governor does without female subjects. At last briefing like and the occasion was not to speak about a perfect half of mankind - George Boos argued on geopolitics and possible creation of east European demilitarised zone more and more. But all - taki George Valentinovich was not kept and has remembered ladies. Its journalists have pushed, having asked how to increase in area birth rate if kindergartens do not suffice.

- yes, it is a serious problem, - the governor has told. - many women should register in turn in a kindergarten, still being pregnant women. And then to wait as early as four years. But it we will try to correct, finish a situation to normal level, and is then constant monitorit. So women, I think, will give birth more!

But even if all potential mums will believe to the governor, a demographic problem not to solve. And George Boos repeatedly designated the main demographic purpose - population of area should grow at least, twice. Hands ostensibly does not suffice. And here it was now found out that to the aid of women will come special pereselenchesky the centre - to help to be equipped on our earth to Russian-speaking migrants. Soon such centre will create at us in area.

- into its functions enters to accept a family of immigrants at the first stage, - the governor has explained. - to register, feed and so on. Besides, with this family should work in respect of employment.

the governor has added that in Presidential Administration the special migratory program is already developed. And the Kaliningrad region, according to Boos, has got to the list 5 - 7 regions to which green light on its realisation will be given.