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Yury Savenko: Tariffs on we will warmly not raise

a Main point, which Kaliningrad town governor found out yesterday from heads of areas, officials and representatives of the enterprise Kaliningradteploset - that is particularly made for houses, schools and polyclinics which froze last frosty winter. In premises it was cold in spite of the fact that heat arrived in necessary volumes.

- the temperature put on norms in + I consider 18 degrees not comfortable, - Yury Savenko has declared. - It should be up to standard +21... + 24 degrees. It concerns both apartment houses, and social establishments. Next winter we should aspire to such indicators.

according to city officials, the enterprise Kaliningradteploset does everything that is possible, but for except stable heating it is necessary to warm many houses still. For example, only on such repair it is required to the Leningrad area of 76 million roubles. Therefore works only for pressure increase in heating systems in the summer will be spent: washing of pipes, installation of additional pumps in boiler-houses for capacity increase. Heating mains will be updated Besides.

almost on all additional expenses connected with preparation by winter, the mayor has promised to find money in the near future, and, as usual, at parting postrashchal officials:

- I have collected all your pieces of paper and I will find a way it to execute. But if problems on these objects repeat, the big problems will be already at you.

after meeting Yury Savenko has told that in the near future kaliningradtsam it is not necessary to wait for increase of cost of tariffs for a heat supply.

- while such necessity is not present, - the mayor has added.


the Urn through each 100 metres

Public utilities of Kaliningrad will soon receive 7 new cars for cleaning of streets and sidewalks. As have told in a press - mayoralty service, for this purpose from the budget it is allocated 13 million roubles. Thus, the municipal park vakuumno - sweeper-collectors will be tripled. In a city the quantity of street urns will increase also - in addition to five thousand capacities available today 500 more urns on 50 litres are reserved. It is promised that on the central city streets uranium will be through each 100 metres.