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Deputies will put on dogs muzzles

City deputies were connected to our action we Will put on dogs muzzles! . On May, 31st will pass session of the City Council of Kaliningrad on which they will consider the problem on punishment toughening for wrong vygul dogs.

- we are going to leave with the initiative in a regional thought to make changes in the Code of the Kaliningrad region about administrative offences - has told the chairman of the City Council Alexander Jaroshuk. - If now the size of penalties varies from 100 to 500 roubles we are going to make their maximum - from 1 to 2 thousand roubles. Above lift the size of penalties we cannot, because in this case there will be a contradiction with the federal legislation.

Besides, deputies are going to increase the size of penalties if infringement of the maintenance of dogs has entailed harm to health. It should make from 2 to 2,5 thousand roubles. In turn Alexander Musevich, the chairman of the commission of the City Council under the budget, the finance and taxes, has made one more proposal. The mayoralty will oblige the builder at apartment house designing to plan special places for vygula dogs.


If you see that near to you walk dogs of dangerous breeds without muzzles or as - that is broken differently by rules of their maintenance, call by in a reception of the City Council to phone 21 - 74 - 50. All dangerous addresses are passed deputies of election districts.


the Mayoralty has defined places for vygula

On the instructions of Yury Savenko committee housing - municipal services has responded body on performance of the functions connected with creation of system of the account of animals, being at physical persons and shelters for neglected animals; By catching and the maintenance of neglected animals, search of owners or transfer to new owners, delivery of permissions to the commercial public organisations which are engaged in animal husbandry, carrying out of educational activity with the population and owners of animals, delivery of permissions to the maintenance of dogs bojtsovskih breeds, it is defined MKP Service of protection of animals .

Administrations of disctricts of the city have defined places (platform) for vygula dogs owners of animals from individual apartment houses in borders own zemleotvoda and for owners of animals from multiroom apartment houses.

the mayoralty has sent letters to the Kaliningrad regional society of hunters and fishers, military - the hunting society of the Baltic Fleet about necessity to oblige all hunters - owners of dogs, to register them when due hereunder.

service of protection of animals Has registered 410 individuals (animals), all registered animals have counters.

service of protection of animals constantly and systematically makes catching and the time maintenance of neglected animals on search time of owners or transfer to new owners. For last and current year it is caught more than 5 thousand neglected dogs.

the committee of housing and communal services of the mayoralty carries out joint actions with militia on check of observance by citizens of rules of the maintenance of animals in territory of Kaliningrad. In 1 quarter 2006 on the citizens breaking the Rules, the report on an administrative offence (settlement Kosmodemjansky) has been made.

Where it is possible to walk with a dog

In October area:

Dm street. Don (large forest);

street Chemical (large forest)

settlements State-farm, Pregolsky, A.Kosmodemjansky (outside of settlement in a wood zone).

In Baltiysk area:

street of the Tolstikov, L.Ivanihinoj, International (behind a garage society the Sail );

street Battle, Barmy, Machine-building (on street of the Tolstikov - beyond Interklubom seamen) street Kiev (behind a garage society the Beam ) ;

Suvorov`s street, Nansena, Chaadaeva (on street Central - behind frontier group).

In the central area;

World street (behind stadium of school 11 around lake);

street Janalova (a green zone);

street Janalova, 3 (territory from Soviet pr - that to Alyabyev`s street);

street Rustaveli, 6 (behind a brick fence along a stream slope);

Gaydar`s street (a green zone behind a monument to pilots of Baltic);

Festival avenue;

street Sports, Chestnut avenue (a green zone);

street Red, 143 (a green zone);

Sevetsky pr - t, 128 (a green zone);

Borzov`s street, 58, 58 -

In the Moscow area:

Yemelyanov`s street, 49 - 53, 58 - 64, 268 - and

street Dzerzhinsky, 132 - 166

settlement Small Borisovo;

street Bagration, 24 (river Pregol quay);

quay Karbysheva, 4 - 20 (river Pregol quay);

Solar parkway, 18 - 20;

a gene. Pavlova, 10 - 20, 24 - 28, 40;

street Sudostroitlnaja, 14 - 20;

street Machine-building, 158 - 162;

Karamzin`s street, 37 (waste ground);

O.Koshevogo`s street, 60 - 66 (along warehouses).

In the Leningrad area:

Sevastyanov`s street, 6 - 12 (a green zone)

street Galitsky; (green space)

street the Lithuanian shaft (green space)

Consent street (a green zone)

settlement May Day;

street Bitter (waste ground in area SPTU 8)

street Kutaisky (waste ground)

street Sverdlova;

street Yalta;

street Ground (a green zone)

street Verhneozernaja (a green zone)

street Coastal (a green zone)

street Cannon (a green zone)

crossing of street of A.Nevsky and street Resort (a green zone)

quay Bagramjana (a green zone)

Ashman park (a green zone)

Gagarin`s street (a green zone)

quay Tributsa (foundation ditch)


be not stirred, it not dangerous

we have met the Wolfhound in park, instead of the place taken away for walk.

after the action beginning we Will put on dogs muzzles owners bojtsovskih dogs, apparently, have decided to be reinsured, and walk with the pupils by rules. Yesterday we have walked in places vygula.

In the Leningrad area of 17 special places. We have solved proinspektirovat street Galitsky. There just convenient green space. Directly behind a bakery. To the surprise, any animal there has not appeared. Probably, from - for lunch time. Usually here it is a lot of dogs in the mornings and to evenings. So to us two girls having a rest with chest children have told.

- and in the mornings here it is not walked, terribly. Suddenly any dog will attack, they unpredictable, - have told to us young mums.

but bojtsovskuju we have found out a dog there where at all did not wait. In Victory park, on the lawn which has grown with dandelions. The dog froliced with two three-year children.

is a wolfhound! - the mistress has told to us, but having seen the eyes of our press photographer approximated for horror, has added:

- is more correct, future. To it only 4 months. Call Isoice, the Asian sheep-dog. This breed grew up for protection of sheep against wolves. See, ears are cut off? Specially, that predators could not grasp them. You be not stirred, it not the dangerous. We are written down in club and Isoice experts train in behaviour in a city. At it both an inoculation, and the passport is

However Lyudmila admitted that in Victory park tries to walk less often, only when there there are no visitors. And as proof of the respectableness has stretched us a cellophane sack. For a dog the woman cleans and in the street. And a lead on Isoice the strong.

- when it will grow up, necessarily a muzzle I will put on, - Lyudmila has promised. - in our court yard all bojtsovskie dogs already with muzzles. And if it is fair, places which the mayoralty has taken away for vygula, it is necessary to put in order. You descend to these addresses. There all has grassed, and in it is full of pincers. And where to us then to walk?