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The action: we Arrive in high school with

the Maintenance of the previous series

Two weeks ago in Kaliningrad declared the beginning unique a reality - show we Arrive in high school together with. On an appeal to participate in the action many have responded 11 - klassniki (thanks you for activity!) But we have been urged to be limited to two participants. Evgenie Volik and Alexander Korotkov - graduates of the Kaliningrad school 7.

Alexander has already decided that will arrive in RGU the Edging name on mathematical faculty. Just in case Sasha is going to submit documents also in KGTU on power faculty. Eugene without secures breaks on journalism faculty RGU of a name of the Edging and already visits preliminary courses. To both children to achieve the object not simply: competition on the chosen specialities very big.

as we prepare

- Together with Eugene`s teachers and Sashi we have found out, in what need to be tightened our entrants. Have disassembled rehearsal Unified State Examination.

- Eugene Volik already goes on courses on Russian and prepares with teachers of high school for creative competition. Sasha still in meditations. He has decided while to wait a little with tutors and courses, and has concentrated on preparation for passing examinations for reception of a driving licence. Yesterday Alexander had an examination.

- despite a busy schedule (before receipt remains to very few time) children continue to prepare including at home. 11 - klassniki buy special booklets with variants of test questions (more often they and are called - For the aid to passing the Unified State Examination ) . One advice: books and booklets should be recommended the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Otherwise the risk is great to run on malopoleznye or at all the unnecessary information.

adult life has begun with

Yesterday while Alexander Korotkov passed examinations for driver`s licence reception, Eugene has gone on the next employment on preliminary courses. And we, having learnt that 11 - klassnitse 18 years one of these days were executed, have caught for it in the street. To congratulate and take an interest, as there is a preparation for examinations.

- thanks you big, very pleasantly. I at all did not expect, - have told Eugene, accepting our specialties. - I will brag now to friends.

the girl has told to us that studies a journalism practical side.

- I want to work in the youth newspaper, - has told to us Eugene and has started to ask about journalistic craft. Listened very much with enthusiasm. So also has stayed see you in the evening, but it was necessary to go on courses.

what courses will help to enter high school

RGU the Edging name
Subjects When to register carrying out Terms the Price Notes the Address, phone
All subjects of the school program, preparation for creative competition (for a speciality journalism ), preparation for examination in bases fizkulturno - sports knowledge (for receipt on a speciality physical training and sports ) Since June, 20th 1 - on July, 14th Cost depends on quantity of hours Nonresident the hostel A.Nevsky`s Street, 14, kab is given. 116 53 - 55 - 48

the Baltic state academy of fishery fleet
Mathematics, physics, Russian Record already goes on June, 20th - on July, 16th About 1500 rbl. for one subject Nonresident the hostel Street Youth, 6 21 - 39 - 24, record by phone 96 - 50 - 90

the Kaliningrad state technical university
Russian, mathematics on June, 15th 25 - on July, 15th About 3000 rbl. for two subjects - Soviet prospektt, 1, aud. 109 59 - 52 - 22

Kaliningrad legally institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
History of Russia, social science, Russian, physical training Since June, 1st on June, 28th - on July, 22nd All subjects - 7500 rbl. - Moskovsky prospectus, 8 46 - 18 - 71, 46 - 94 - 67

the Kaliningrad higher school of management
Russian, mathematics Record already goes 3 - on July, 28th 2250 rbl. one subject - the Lithuanian shaft, 38, 6 - j an entrance 45 - 12 - 23
the Russian university of cooperation (the Kaliningrad branch)
Russian, mathematics on the basis of 9 classes on faculty SPO (step education) Record already goes 19 - on June, 30th 1000 rbl. one subject - Charles Marx`s Street, 17 21 - 65 - 60

Modern humanitarian academy (the Kaliningrad branch)
Computer courses, courses Microsoft Russian Record already goes As soon as groups (duration of employment 2 - 4 weeks) 1200 rbl. (two computer subjects) and 1200 rbl. (Russian) _ Street will be generated Marshal Borzov, 58 91 - 15 - 33 91 - 15 - 22

Pluses and minuses of courses


+ you Get used to the future place of study.

+ you learn teachers.

+ to you will give the program necessary for passing examinations, will tell, under what books it is better to be engaged.

+ it is not necessary to learn superfluous, will explain only those subjects which will ask at examination.

+ verifying and examinations - rehearsal of examinations and excellent psychological preparation for them.

+ Cost more often more low, than preparation at the tutor, and result (if to try) can surpass expectations.


- the Big groups (sometimes 30 - 40 persons) will not give the chance to the teacher to answer questions of each entrant.

- Verifying tests and works are not set off as entrance examinations.

participate in the action and win!

to Take part in reality creation - show you can also. Tell, about what it would be interesting to learn to you in following series of our action as you prepare for examinations. The most active participants are waited by prizes from for responses we wait by phone: 99 - 14 - 48, on e - a mail: tarasenko@kp - kaliningrad. ru

In the following series - how to choose the tutor.