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What will construct in Kaliningrad?

in Kaliningrad the building boom proceeds, and building activity in the field of commercial real estate is especially appreciable. Shortly will be put in operation the Baltic business - the centre on Moskovsky prospectus, Kaliningrad Plaza on Leninsk, the Acropolis in the street Bitter. On the way some more multipurpose complexes in city centre. business Kaliningrad acquaints with parametres of largest of them.

House of Councils

Street Shevchenko

About the one who stands up for the company the Protosystem a little that is known. The Administration characterises investors foggy definition - group of private investors of Moscow and Kaliningrad which put own means . And to enclose in reconstruction of long-term construction they gather about 20 million dollars.

the First stage of office premises, on management assurances the Protosystem within the limits of an existing building will be ready to accept tenants in November, 2006. After realisation of the project of the reconstruction architect Sergey Kopychina-Lorens was which author, in a new complex will appear 12 thousand square metres of office premises, 18 thousand - trading and kontsertno - the entertaining centre the area of 4,5 thousand square metres.

unlike the reserved Moscow colleagues a management the Protosystem accurate cost of a rent names already today. It will make from 18 dollars a month. To sell premises regional developers do not gather. A parity of the price and quality of office premises Houses of Councils gives the grounds to investors to count, that the project will pay off in five years at the expense of a rent.

Clover House

Street Chernyakhovsk

last year the capital company RGS - Real estate has got at BIN Banka the project trading - office building in the centre of Kaliningrad also has started building of multipurpose complex Clover House. According to company management, it will be a complex a total area of 48,8 thousand square metres where it is supposed to place four-star hostel on 180 numbers, business - the centre of class B + (11,54 square metres), shopping centre of a fashion (13,17 thousand) and fitness - the centre (about 700 square metres).

Besides it, in the project are provided the children`s entertaining centre (the area about 1 000 sq.) and an underground parking on 300 places. Project cost will make an order of 50 million dollars. The leading western architectural companies take part in project realisation (Irish Murrayolaoire Architects and IMB ASYMETRIA Architects from Poland) and the building companies (the general contractor - the Polish firm BUDIMEX).

As a rule, the company RGS-REAL ESTATE independently invests in the projects. However for the project in Kaliningrad which will settle down in the street Chernyakhovsk (the Victory area), RGS Real estate has obtained the credit of Deutsche Bank Bankgesellchaft Berlin AG at a rate of 24,9 million euro.

the company essentially does not sell, but only leases the premises. On a question Business Kaliningrad about the price of rent of square metre in the company have responded that the policy at them flexible and the rent rate will be discussed with each tenant individually. The rent price will depend on many factors: From that how much the tenant large, known and a leah is it the strategic partner, from the area and a site in a complex, from an imprisonment term of the lease contract and set of other factors.

that the project will pay off, in RGS - Real estate do not doubt. According to a management, it is a matter of time. Prospective commissioning - IV quarter 2007.

under management RGS-REAL ESTATE is more than 300 objects and the ground areas under building, cost of 450 million dollars. The geography of activity of the company includes tens areas, edges, republics and cities of Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Besides head office in Moscow, the company has eleven representations in regions of Russia, including in Kaliningrad. In 2005 RGS - real estate has united all building projects under a uniform brand - Clover House.

Europe - the Center

the Victory Area

Company Gamma Development engaged in realisation of investment projects in sphere of commercial real estate and entering into holding Gamma Management Group, starts building opposite to a film concert hall Russia new object - a multipurpose complex Europe - the Center . The basic idea of this project is subordinated to formation of new modern city space for dialogue. As speak in Gamma Development, thus eshaetsja a problem of comfortable association of interests kaliningradtsev and the future city visitors. Europe-centre becomes the central public quarter where it is possible both to work, and to have a rest, and to shop.

complex parametres correspond to the European standards: From hostel of world famous French network Accor to an accomplishment of surrounding territory, including reconstruction of city square at a monument Mother - Russia .

Over the complex project the international command of architects and designers (kaliningradtsy Oleg Kopylov, Sergey Gulevsky, Alexey Arhipenko and Tatyana Koblova, Ed Jenkins from Dallas, as Tony Brown from London, Marek Archishevski from Warsaw) worked. A complex the rest zone (cafe, restaurants, cinemas), a zone of purchases - fashionable trading gallery where the best Russian and world brands of clothes, footwear and accessories will be presented will have a total area of 64 thousand square metres on which will take place a zone of business dialogue (office centre, hostel). The complex centre becomes main atrium with the panoramic lift and a new city fountain. In a complex the big underground parking place is provided. The general contractor chooses the Turkish company KONTEK . The total amount of investments will make an order of 70 million dollars.

a film concert hall Russia

the Victory Area

One more large-scale project in city centre - film concert hall reconstruction Russia . It will be at all reconstruction, and building of a new modern building with a huge cinema hall on 2000 places, hostel, numerous cafes and shops, the three-storied underground parking which possibilities will allow to unload seriously city centre from cars.

- in a word, a multipurpose complex, - Arthur Cherkassky, the general director of the company " speaks; the Baltic whale which rents today Russia . - The matter is that now actually on a cinema money to earn hard - it is unprofitable. And we are urged to develop a corresponding infrastructure. So, the object is necessary for developing - that the building corresponded to the European level.

the project prepared by known British firm Chapman Taylor together with architect Vasily Britanom, it is live reminds samples of modern West European and American architecture: in a design it is supposed to use actively glass and easy designs, and in height the building will reach almost 70 metres. By the way, altitude new Russia has called ambiguous reaction from the public - a pier, it is impossible to destroy historically developed low building of the centre of Kaliningrad. However, according to Britana, no destruction will occur.

- the matter is that the city centre should have the high-rise dominant, - the architect believes. Is a sign element which works both from streets Chernyakhovsk and Garage, and from Leninsky prospect and Mira prospectus and reflects architecture of city centre. The project is made very competently from the point of view of space planning.

while it is difficult to name realisation terms, cost of the project and potential investors who will want to put up money in building of the second Kaliningrad skyscraper (the first as all know, House of Councils). As Arthur Cherkassky, " speaks; kind on building governor George Boos should give. The matter is that now at the Baltic whale uneasy there are relations with agency on property of the regional government which while opposes to a pulling down of an existing building Russia .

- It is necessary to spend additional coordination, - admits Cherkassk. Is a building and morally, and it is structurally obsolete. As present Russia - absolutely standard project of a cinema what it is a lot of on the country. On the other hand, after reconstruction the area will receive absolutely new modern object in the property. All it is strange, considering that the offer on the concept of building of the central part of a city has arrived from us in 2002.

now anyway the project will be necessary for finishing according to the designed complex Europe - the centre which will erect in the neighbourhood.

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