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Evgenie Evtushenko: I am enamoured of Fidel Castro

the Poet have appeared in the doorway of university in a motley shirt and a cap which to it have sewed to order on its drawing. On a shoulder - a cloth bag with an embroidery. On a right hand - the big yellow ring.

students have met Evgenie Aleksandrovicha an applause. It has carefully risen on a scene and has sat down to table. Then long got from a bag points, books

On a meeting with the live classic so rector RGU of a name of the Edging Andrey Klemeshev named the poet, students, poets - fans, numerous admirers have come. Why - that still cadets - frontier guards who sat numbers, obrechenno having looked down., Probably, it was not so interesting to them. The others with curiosity examined the poet. Evgenie Aleksandrovich long-sufferingly waited, when the welcoming speech and it will end, at last, will present, and, having waited, has approached to a microphone and has started to speak.

More it has not sat down for a minute though admitted that did not sleep two days and was got tired from the trip.

- in your city I the first time, - the beginnings of Evtushenko. - the city has bypassed Me, instead of I it! When in Moscow we collected halls, to Kaliningrad poets - men of the sixties simply did not invite. But we, poets, of course, not in offence!

but from Kaliningrad to Evgenie Aleksandrovichu wrote many warm letters.

Evtushenko told about the childhood, how him have expelled from school, wrongly having accused of burning of class magazines, about the present life

- Want, I will read to you with what I began? - He was converted to a hall.

in the answer it was distributed numerous Yes! and from a scene the very first poem published in 1949 in the newspaper " has sounded; the Soviet sports . Then he has told about how teaches in America, about the friendship with Michael Zadornov, and, certainly, read verses. Read fine! The moments the voice sounded, breaking off dynamics, forcing to shudder all hall!

on a little table already decent pile of notes has collected, and Evtushenko continued to read to the applause. In an hour of the recitation began to answer questions.

- the poet in Russia is more than the poet! And in America? - Has read aloud. - And in America too! Where I came, everywhere I find the readers, - Evgenie Aleksandrovich has noticed.

Also has slightly opened secret.

- I want to write the novel about Cuba! I was not for a long time in this country where in due time has lived more than three years. I am enamoured of Fidel Castro. I remember its young!

it is quite possible what to write the novel about Cuba - the most important and most serious literary plan of Evtushenko. And at last he has read the new poem which, as he said, very much is pleasant to its American students. A poem on a filler word as though . Unfortunately, it is dense in has sat down at our lexicon. As has noticed Evtushenko, in America there is an analogue Russian as though and many Americans too insert it into the speech literally through a word.

a poem have risen in applause. Especially investigators liked lines: As though judges in the court, as though thinking in a thought .

In the end of a creative meeting Evgenie Evtushenko by tradition has undersigned for book of remembrance RGU. Its autograph near to Putin, Zhirinovsky, Gryzlov`s signatures. Evtushenko has written, instantly having thought up a rhyme: I Wish, that here, in Kaliningrad, you would live our Russia for the sake of . Then he still for a long time talked to students and signed books in a university corridor.