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In Kaliningrad divide Abramovich`s money

In July of last year Roman Abramovich came to Kaliningrad on the State Council as the governor of Chukotka. At a meeting with local officials he has in words promised to pay a football lawn at under construction stadium in area Selmy .

last days the new applicant for money of noncommercial fund of the oligarch " appeared; National academy of football - stadium the Pioneer . This news has surprised the main sportsman of area of Ireka Gimaeva:

- About the Pioneer I heard nothing. national academy sponsors the platforms given to children`s sports schools. Stadium on Selme the such. But there building was late. Then someone has set a rumour afloat that new arena will give to professional club Baltic - 2 . Probably, in this connection functionaries National academy have thrown the sight on The pioneer where is based SDJUSHOR - 5. If it is fair, I and itself in this confusion a little that understand. Soon I go to Moscow, to solve a question about Selme . I will explain that to anybody, except children`s school, it we will not give. Very much I want, that children`s sports have received a gift from Roman Abramovich. Also I will understand, about what stadiums there is a speech. I would be not against that to us have helped to lay five, six, ten, twenty lawns.

by the way, for Roman Abramovich it not the favour certificate - its fund sponsors children`s schools across all Russia. To Kaliningrad an artificial lawn the owner Chelsea has indulged, for example, Omsk, Kaluga, Moscow. The probability that sharing round one lawn will stop with Romana Arkadevicha generosity. And can, financial streams Academy at all will block, time the Kaliningrad officials among themselves will not understand, for whom stadiums are intended.