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the Camp will take down, werewolves will plant

Shortly before session of the regional government on May, 18th there was an information that the Gipsy community in Kaliningrad is ready to guarantee the drug traffic termination in settlement Road in exchange for a suspension of its pulling down. This subject discussed on organised by news agency Rosbalt a forum in Svetlogorsk. In an estimation of possible arrangements with representatives Tabora participants of a meeting have appeared are almost unanimous.

- the one who many years sold drugs, cannot depart at once from this business, - the chief of the department of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances across the Kaliningrad region Yury Demchenko is categorical. - Gipsies can be converted behind the help to human rights organisations, their this right. And all of us co-ordinate the actions with the government of area and federal structures.

- Any pulling down of structures in Road is made on a judgement, - the head has reminded is international - legal department FSKN of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kostennikov. - Therefore I do not see a way to conclude a certain contract with a Gipsy community, this question out of a legal field.

experience of our neighbours to which had to solve absolutely similar problem is interesting enough.

- near Vilnius there is the the Camp where lives about 400 gipsies, - the head of department on struggle against drugs of police of Lithuania has told Algis Kvejnitskas. - We have prepared in advance about three ten materials on excitation of criminal cases, and for two days have carried out mass arrests. Behind a lattice there was every tenth inhabitant of settlement. The Gipsy community has there and then directed to all instances of a paper - say, the purposeful action on national minority afflicting is carried out. Also it was obliged in exchange for the termination of pressure of the authorities to stop drug traffic. Even have promised to burn points, where a nonsense it is realised. However instead of narkomanskih dining rooms have burnt a police station near to settlement. Drug-dealing there proceeds to the present day. No promises of anything mean. I think what to agree it is useless with any drug dealers, irrespective of their nationality.

with inhabitants Road, perhaps, all is clear. But it makes sense to be prepared for steadfast attention of agents of national security and other categories kaliningradtsev. First of all - to the taxi drivers who have organised round-the-clock transportations of clients Tabora . The governor recommended militias to direct efforts to liquidation of retail narcosales through taxi drivers who besides offer the special tariff on delivery in Road .

Apparently, it is necessary to expect and the next stage of hunting on Werewolves in epaulets . By the way, from the beginning of this year 6 criminal cases concerning law enforcement officers are raised already. However, any of them has not reached court yet.


That George Boos has still told about struggle against drugs

While it is not clear, who on border the owner - we or drug traffickers who get into region and through a check point, and is illegal, and frontier guards, at the best, make light of it. We had the horrible situation - one kryshujut the narcotraffic and wholesale, others - retail trade. Drugs move freely. Couriers and dealers feel the security and security .

the Coordinating role of Management FSKN is reduced only to a settlement pulling down Road, but also this action became possible only thanks to tough policy of the regional government .

In potion trade in certain establishments - both commercial, and state. Such data is available, and it should be set in motion. Even if it mentions people in epaulets. More correctly, first of all therefore. It is necessary to leave such employees ruthlessly, and in the presence of demonstrative base to apply criminal prosecution .

We can be happy Russian region on a broader scale without drugs .