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Euro certificates - 2 will send from Moscow

Scandal round ecological norms of Euro - 2 has inflamed at us last week. On the night of May, 16th the Kaliningrad customs has received instructions not to make out the imported cars which are not corresponding to this standard. To give out certificates of conformity of Euro - 2 in region it has appeared there is nobody and there is no place. Since last Tuesday the customs has stopped to make out the foreign cars imported by owners of a regional customs clearance.

that as - that to relieve the tension, on Thursday of the car all - taki began to let out from warehouses of time storage. But without the vehicle passport (PTS) and with a condition: owners gave the written obligation to receive the notorious certificate during 45 days and to give to its customs. Otherwise the foreign car should be taken out back abroad.

yesterday in a disputable situation there was a next shift.

- to us there has arrived the expert Moscow Scientifically - research automobile institute, - has told Igor Belov, the director of the Kaliningrad centre of standardization of metrology and certification. - since Monday our employees work on all three customs fasts of Kaliningrad and accept demands for delivery of the certificate of conformity of Euro - 2. The special form with which owners of quotas should fill is developed. I pay attention: it is necessary to list money only the clearing settlement because they go to Moscow!

the scheme of reception of the certificate now looks so. The filled demand pass the Moscow expert who sends the car data in the institute. There punch the car on a database. After that to Kaliningrad there is an answer - there corresponds the car to norm of Euro - 2 or not.

- If the car does not keep within the standard, the owner should take any measures, - Belov speaks. - That remains? Probably, only to disassemble on spare parts and to sell.

Now the Kaliningrad centre of standardization waits for two more experts from Moscow. It should accelerate process. Phones near employees do not establish specially that squall of calls has not paralysed their work.

- our centre at all has no relation to this scheme! - Belov has informed us. - We are not authorised to be engaged in delivery of certificates. People deceive, and they come to us. Today from 4 o`clock in the morning turn occupied. It was necessary to call militia that have not crushed a building. I am urged to remove the employees from workplaces and to send on customs points. Urgently we search for professionals that them there to replace. The wife has bought a quota from me and now thinks what to do. It is very insulting and is shameful that so all leaves.


On these customs fasts accept demands for certification of the cars which were in the use

Kaliningrad . Street Tourist`s Uhansky, 1. An office 105 SVH Gazoklektimpeks

JUgo - western . Street Transport, 17. SVH Zap - the Trance

Moscow . Street Dzerzhinsky, 248. SVH Inmar (a premise Inmar - the Standard )

Work goes with 9 to 21 without interruption and days off.

exact quotations for examination yet are not called. Under the different information certificate cost can be from one to three thousand roubles, and registration will occupy an order of three days.


the Customs has offered explanations

It has occurred after meeting at walls severo - the western management.

the spontaneous protest action has passed at midday nearby severo - the western customs office. Some tens persons have come without slogans and headers, but have been adjusted very resolutely. All of them have won a quota and had time to buy the car abroad. After short altercations holding a meeting it was possible to achieve a meeting with chief of the department Evgenie Bogmoj. He has invited initiative group in a boardroom and has answered the most stirring questions. Here that Evgenie Ivanovich has told.

the Telegram - not the law

- the Telegram which we have received on the night of May, 16th, is not the lawful certificate. It simply informs us on what decision has accepted Rostehregulirovanie. On April, 19th to us informed that the certificate of conformity to norm of Euro - 2 for second-hand cars is not required. But then Rostehregulirovanie informs Federal customs service that changes the decision for 180 degrees and the certificate for second-hand cars is required. FTS the telegramme leads up the information to us. We, as a state structure, accept it to execution.

yesterday (on May, 22nd - Red.) Our management has received the missive from Federal customs service. They actually repeats the text of the telegramme concerning second-hand cars. And now this letter - a lawful basis of our actions.

we can not be in time

- If daily we make out on 300 - 400 cars we will easy provide the admission of all preferential cars till the end of a half-year. But it depends not only on us. If 5 - 6 thousand cars will appear at customs on June, 28th, there will be a jam.

what to do

- I I recommend to take cars in conditional release . It for your blessing. That did not leave so that remains only 2 - 3 days for which all simultaneously should make out the car.

has prepared