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Savenko promises to pay to yard keepers of $300 in a month

Ask with ZHEKov

- Good afternoon! Long we did not meet, - has greeted yesterday journalists the chief a press - services of the mayoralty Lydia Pimenova. - a lot of information has collected

Mayor Yury Savenko really recently special a press - conferences did not give, and here has suddenly dared. It has appeared that the occasion has appeared the most topical. Here you will not keep silent.

- I want to talk to you about an accomplishment and well-being of a city, - there has begun the mayor. - after all throughout all our life we receive many censures for the city maintenance.

I to admit, was surprised: how it is all life? It appears, Yury Alekseevich still before becoming the mayor, already received censures for the maintenance of Kaliningrad. To such destiny you will not envy. And here now, according to Savenko, time has come to finish these spiteful censures:

- Today I have signed the order about reorganisation of system of payment for housing - utilities.

journalists have tensely held breath. Here - here the mayor declares the next increase of tariffs. But Yury Savenko has discouraged fans of sensations:

- Is not present, speech does not go about increase, it is a question of change of financial schemes. Now all money of townspeople will arrive directly in ZHEKi, passing different other organisations. Such, as, for example, Cleanliness . And ZHEKi will bear full maintenance responsibility of lifts and garbage removal.

In a word, for ordinary townspeople of anything will not change. Besides, that henceforth claims for faulty lifts or mounts of garbage which are not cleaned by weeks, kaliningradtsy rightfully can show to the ZHEKam.

the Old way

Reorganization of system of financing ZHEKov is only small part of plans on a city accomplishment. Yury Savenko, by its recognition, has found a way how to involve in public utilities of yard keepers. It has appeared, the way it is old as the world: to raise it the salary.

- now under the law yard keepers are obliged to serve territory in radius of 15 metres from a building. We have counted and, it has appeared that in a city huge territories which nobody cleans are formed. Means it is necessary to increase number of yard keepers by 517 persons. But how to involve people for work with the salary in 3 thousand roubles? - Yury Savenko has asked journalists.

and, advancing possible answers, has responded itself:

- We have decided to finish the salary of yard keepers to 9 thousand. It should involve people.

but on it Napoleonic plans of the mayor on an accomplishment are not limited. The next year Yury Savenko on a broader scale wants to declare year of an accomplishment. On dumps there will be electronic scales, garbage containers at last - that will be established in garden and garage societies, accelerated tempo will get the municipal technics, and in the future everyone ZHEK should receive on own Bobketu (to a small multipurpose tractor).

- Final our purpose in that all city territory was rekultivirovana.

the Mayor has kept silent and has added:

- Each metre in Kaliningrad should be or is asphalted, or rekultivirovan.


Interview to New wheels I did not give

In the end of a briefing of the mayor have asked to comment on its recent interview to the newspaper New wheels . It has appeared that Yury Savenko did not give any interview to this edition.

- They have used old my interview to the newspaper the Motor - the mayor has told. - have simply reprinted it, at all without having asked me. And with New wheels I never would began to talk - I do not read this newspaper many years.

yesterday Yury Savenko also has told and about a situation round the Russian arms which hangs on a mayoralty building. Recently the court has passed the decision what to hang to it there it is impossible - municipal authorities do not have such powers. However the judgement does not suit the mayor of Kaliningrad:

- From the point of view of morals a judgement wrong. We have appealed, we search for different variants that the arms on the mayoralty to leave. That the arms hang on a building, I do not see any reviling of the Russian State.