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readers remember shock time of socialist competitions

In the end of each academic year to us gave out manually filled report cards. An ordinary card - a folding bed with Lenin`s profile on a cover and the type slogan: to Learn, learn to study and more time!
among other columns in the sheet there was a line Behaviour . And I otkrytochku, such all in pjaterkah - chetverkah, fine was spoilt by this line. Because above an estimation well there appeared nothing. Well I could not sit out a long lesson behind a school desk to chatting with the neighbour, not to look in a window From - for raised a restlessness to me constantly did remarks And even bright public work in scales of school did not smooth severe teacher`s remarks. My photo on a board " never hung; Our best pupils .

Five-storey apartment blocks handed over ahead of schedule!
In the USSR time was counted by five-years periods, and on the front pages of newspapers the socialist obligations accepted by the enterprises and a course of competitions were shined. Performance of plans - five years`, annual, quarter - was business of special importance. Any overfulfillment, efficiency proposals, active participation in life of labour collective were greeted. And winners were waited for by the award! In shops newspapers - factory newspapers were issued. Party district committees at seminars learnt to do their politically correct.
our life has been filled by slogans. For example, on shaky zaborchike behind which it was erected hrushchevochka hung kumachovyj a banner: the House will be handed over ahead of schedule, by November, 7th, 1962! and after all handed over!
the house in which I lived, struggled for a rank the House of an exemplary life . On window sills at entrances there were flowers, and ladder marches have been painted in the manner of carpet paths. Cleanliness! Beauty!
L.OVSYANNIKOV, Chelyabinsk.

Schoolboys were diligent and punctual
In 80 - e years worked senior pionervozhatoj at rural school. In a weekend we summed up work of each class and handed over passing pendant.
work was spent on the following subjects:
1. Study - our best work . We summed up progress, estimated external appearance of pupils (presence of white collars, cuffs). Strictly watched that children did not pass lessons without valid excuse.
2. Participation in timurovskoj to work - the help to lonely pensioners, invalids, veterans of war (cleaned snow, weeded beds in kitchen gardens).
3. Military - patriotic education. Participation in sports competitions, game the Summer lightning Registration of albums to the state feasts. Especially children loved a feast devoted to education of the USSR. Each class chose any republic, prepared a presentation album, sewed suits. Children put national dances, prepared ethnic cuisine dishes.
at school I have received the reading and writing for this work For successes in uchebno - educational work and performance of decisions of XXVI congress of the CPSU .
Tatyana ESHCHERKINA, state farm Forward Krasnoarmejsky area of the Chelyabinsk area.

On conference there has gone a member of the CPSU
I want to tell the story which has occurred to me in Soviet period.
those years I worked in association Permneft the foreman and actively was engaged in an efficiency work.
in the end of 1981 passed at us annual meeting of rationalizers. I win first place with delivery of the certificate of honour and the monetary award. The second place has occupied E. perevyshin - the chief of other shop.
at this meeting it was necessary to propose the candidate on conference of rationalizers of all association Permneft . And it should be my nominee. But is not present, I, the non-party, has not passed! Because it was necessary to be a member of the CPSU. On conference there has gone E.Perevyshin. Here and all my history of Soviet period

In the meantime
the Flag has lost - the award in a quarter
was covered There is nothing to tell, times cheerful were! Before demonstration at a factory checkpoint formed a column of buses. On back seats, at boxes with alcohol, trade-union active workers - a sausage strive, cucumbers cut. Awards promise: a flag you will incur - 25 roubles you will receive, a header - tridtsatku.
In 1983 the husband has gone on demonstration. I have collected it more warmly, gloves new leather which has got on great protection, have not regretted. We strive at a festive table. Time - it is not present midday, time - it is not present five evenings! Gets dark! Was that is called, live yes warm. And did not begin to have supper - on a bed I was tumbled down
to it next morning: What, gloves - that has lost? and it in the answer: Yes a horse-radish with them! I, mother, have lost a flag! and in a head at once a rhyme: the award in a quarter " Was covered;.
Katerina USKOV, Chelyabinsk.

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