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Was ill itself - treat the partner!

inflammatory diseases of female genitals can lead to the most awful for the woman to a sentence - to barreness. And what becomes the reason of inflammatory diseases?

diseases on prescription of occurrence and a sharpness of displays, in the location Differ. Can be sharp and chronic, are called by bacteria, viruses, fungi, the elementary and etc. In separate group allocate postnatal, posleabortnye, postoperative inflammatory processes.


It is a principal cause of inflammatory diseases. Them exists much. Some infections lodge in the bottom department of reproductive system of the woman, others - in top, can be mixed. On the first place stand a clamidiosis and gonokokkovye infections, follow further trihomoniaz, a bacterial vaginosis, an ureaplasmosis, a mycoplasmosis, a herpes and some other. Infections are dangerous that, in - the first, undermine immune system, and in - the second, without treatment many of diseases lead to barreness.

as are shown. Inflammatory diseases of the top department - appendages, a uterus - prove pains, the bottom department - vydelenijami, burning and an itch. If an infection mixed can be both pains, and allocation. But diseases can proceed and bessimptomno. More often women at all do not pay attention to them. But consequences are very serious. Besides inflammations with various complications, barrenesses, are possible hormonal infringements and dysfunctions.

in the presence of an infection often doctors appoint treatment not only the woman, but also its sexual partner even if signs of disease at it are absent.

Early sexual life

That who early begins sexual life and does not differ legibility in partners, it is necessary to disentangle consequences of the careless behaviour later. Inflammatory processes arise just from - for an unhealthy way of life, and risk to pick up an infection considerably increases.


It is possible not only in the winter, but also in the summer. Diseases appear against low immunity.

to earn, for example, an inflammation of appendages, it is enough to sit on the crude earth or stones. Also it is necessary to watch, that did not get wet and stops of feet, knees and area of buttocks did not freeze.

with approach of warm days us pulls to the sea where we acquire a tan, lying on sand. Here it it is not necessary to do - warmly still it is very deceptive, sand has not got warm, therefore is better to use a mattress or a chaise lounge. Well and during a season after bathing it is necessary to change clothes in a dry bathing suit.

stresses and quinsy

Sometimes reproductive function of the woman suffers affliction in the earliest childhood and in puberty from frequent angin and heavy infections which too conduct to immunity decrease. But harm not smaller, than infections, can bring constant stresses and intellectual overloads at school and youthful age.


do not listen to girlfriends

the Director of the First female drugstore Tatyana KruChinina:

- it is very important not to self-medicate by a principle the girlfriend " has advised;. That approaches one, at all will not approach other woman. Often any application, for example, candles, completely kills vagina microflora. To avoid the troubles connected with inflammatory diseases, it is necessary to have the constant partner, to use a barrier method of protection - a condom. Not the superfluous will apply farmateks - means which protects not only from pregnancy, but also from possible diseases. At inflammatory diseases in nowise it is impossible to put a hot-water bottle to a stomach. Means which will help to kill a pain, for example, if it has appeared in the day off and there is no possibility immediately to be converted to the doctor, - a plaster tjanhe . It possesses anaesthetising and anti-inflammatory action, and at the heart of therapeutic effect of a plaster the combination of herbs and aromatic pitches lies.


About a dysbacteriosis

One more complication which develops in all cases infitsirovanija, is a dysbacteriosis, that is infringement of microflora of a vagina. Any activator of an infection, getting to sexual ways of the woman, breaks natural normal microflora. Therefore at treatment of an infection at the woman the activator of disease at first is destroyed, and restoration of microflora of a vagina and immunity strengthening is then spent.


it is necessary to hand over What analyses:

1. Bakterioskopija. In this case dab is investigated. Cost from 140 roubles.

2. Bakposev. Undertakes in the event that it is found nothing in the previous analysis. Not only defines the infection activator, but also reveals sensitivity to an antibiotic which are appointed as treatment. Cost from 90 roubles.

3. PTSR - dab research. Very exact analysis. With its help microbe DNA comes to light even. Cost from 150 roubles for one infection.


For a condom hope, and itself not ploshaj

That such an ureaplasmosis? A leah it is possible to catch this illness, being protected by a condom?

Oleg V, Kaliningrad

As a rule, the virus is passed by a sexual way or at contact to the infected subjects of a toilet. The in itself ureaplasmosis meets seldom, is more often it is combined with hlamidijnoj and trihomonadnoj an infection. At correct use of a condom - protection is reliable, however many forget about transfer of activators of diseases oralno - genitalnym a way, touching of hands and etc.

If the milkwoman inopportunely

I have to drink often antibiotics, but from them there is a milkwoman. Advise, how with it to struggle?

Veronica, Gurevsk

Reception of antibiotics can call an aggravation of the chronic milkwoman, therefore against antibiotikoterapii it is necessary profilakticheski to accept protivogribkovye preparations.