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Why stinks in Baltiysk area

When you go from station the Classifying section to the Tihoretsky lane, the impression that you get to the gas chamber is made. Probably, this local, rotten bog has blossomed citizens assume. But like it`s not time yet - there were no hot days.

in administration of the Baltic area officials have referred to lack of information and have advised to search for a source of an unpleasant smell on the railway. The chief a press - centre KZHD Alexander Pershin too has not revealed a secret, but has given orientation:

- Search for a place in kilometre from station. We are engaged in transportation of cargoes, and their owners, basically the private companies, is not excluded, break safety precautions regulations and ecology requirements. And railwaymen have not the right to interfere with economic activities of firms. Possibly, at downloading of oil products from tanks in butts, there was a leak.

It has appeared that originators of ecological affliction can appear the Water canal or carriers of oil cargoes.

- today I have received the information on maintenance excess in air of easy fractions of oil and a gas condensate around station the Classifying section, - have informed head of department Rostehnadzora Igor Zhidkov. - Within the limits of the powers we will inspect, we survey persons under surveillance objects and we will take corresponding measures. If the quantity of tanks with oil products at station exceeds norms, we will punish the railway, or the customer or the owner of cargoes on which fault there was a leak of oil products. Our inspector now has into place left. Besides, in this area the enterprise the Water canal has opened an old collector, reconstruction and repair of networks is conducted. Here to you and a hydrogen sulphide source!