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The Chelyabinsk militiamen will directly pray on work

In territory of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have constructed a chapel

At an input in a small churchlet there is a militia and OMON platoon. Men in epaulets chorus remove caps and are baptised. The father sprinkles with their holy water. High chiefs kiss a cross.
it not a mass campaign of militia on Sunday service, and opening of an orthodox chapel in territory of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. Now each employee of internal affairs can confess in sins or communicate good luck directly in working hours.
- the chapel of a name of sacred great martyr George Pobedonostsa will be opened all day long, - the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Chelyabinsk area Paul Grigoriev speaks. - its doors are opened for all power departments (close - FSB. - a comment red.) . Near to church will put a monument. On it we will write names of all colleagues who were lost in runtime of an office debt.

Near to a churchlet shot enemies of the people
the Offer on chapel building has brought council of veterans of law-enforcement bodies. It was supported by businessmen and the various organisations of area. Charitable investments have completely paid back building, therefore copecks of budget money it was not required. The first stone of a chapel have put in May, in October it was already almost ready.
militiamen assert that religion intervention here was required for a long time. In 1937 on a central administrative board place there was a building of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Nearby to that pjatachka where the churchlet has now settled down, there were chambers for execution subjected to repression. Knowing it, workers of bodies passed time and again with a candle on all territory. At walls dushegubki the candle cracked with all the might.

the Modern iconostas - unique in a city
the Small building is calculated on 20 - 30 persons. Though it is so much people at once here hardly will jam, because worship service in a chapel is not provided. It is faster a place for a private devotion. The order in church will be watched not by the priest, and the militiaman. While the applicant have not chosen, but an important issue will entrust the believer and the responsible.
according to father Igor, the prior Piously - the Troitsk temple, both the internal and external shape of a chapel corresponds to all orthodox canons.
- Here very good iconostas, - father Igor speaks. - in Chelyabinsk such is not present more - it simultaneously corresponds to modern church art and is sustained in the academic style. All furniture, utensils and icons without excesses.
unusual there was also a chapel dome. It is the most expensive element of construction. Its basis have made in Chelyabinsk, and a golden covering did in Three-mountain. Nitrite of the titan, which it is poured the dome, for many long years will save an onion dome with a cross the sparkling.