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In crisis the unemployed permjaki open business: sun decks and joiner`s firms

According to all available data from an employment urban service, now in Perm 10   336 unemployed. 3455 more person can reduce in June. Where to move? Only do not plunge into melancholy and do not keep within on a sofa. It is possible, for example to open the business. A leah is chance to change the life? And money for it will give in the employment centre.

One of anti-recessionary measures of the government - the help to the unemployed in the organisation of own business. On these purposes you can receive 12 monthly grants as a grant from the state. These are 58,8 thousand roubles.

the one who officially costs at labour exchange can receive the Grant only. Then it is necessary to pass successfully the psychological test for propensity to business. After that - to make the business - the plan. The commission into which officials of the mayoralty and businessmen will enter, will estimate strategy.

past Friday just such commission considered demands of five unemployed permjakov. Here that asked. Why you consider, what this business is favourable? A leah is a lot of competitors at you will be in Perm? How much workplaces you want to create? What risks are assumed by your business?

All five persons have received odobrjam - with. (More low - their stories). Money it will transfer into account. Within three months the businessman should report for the spent means.

to itself the director

Alexander Lipatov - the cabinet maker. Worked for the individual businessman, but that did not pay that promised. Now Alexander plans to open firm which will do wooden ladder marches, doors, furniture.

- Money is now necessary to me on rent of a suitable premise - for example, joiner`s shop at any enterprise, purchase of tools, materials, - speaks permjak.

the Official will do the cleaning

to open firm, Ryabov`s Anna will add to a grant of a soya of savings.
a photo: Irinas SEVOSTJANOVOJ

Before crisis Ryabov`s Anna worked as the official in edge governmental body. Now she the unemployed also wants to open small firm on cleaning of premises, repair sanitary technicians and electric equipments. Money for office equipment purchase, premise rent, tools for work are necessary to Anna. She has shared with us the business - the plan.

the question Price: about 100 thousand roubles.

Office equipment (computers, phones, the scanner, the printer, kopir) - 25 thousand roubles. The salary to five employees - on 10 thousand roubles, tools. Premise rent - about 5 thousand roubles a month. Company check in - about 10 thousand roubles.

Anna plans to add the savings to a grant.




the Barman will establish a miracle - kopir

Ideas for business Dmitry Ustinov has found in Interneteju
the Photo: Irinas SEVOSTJANOVOJ

Dmitry Ustinov some years worked as the barman at expensive restaurant.

- But from - for crisis people have left in inexpensive cafes, - he tells. - the profit has fallen. To me have politely hinted that it is necessary to leave. Private reduction, so to say. I also have left.

Dmitry is going to establish the terminals in which pay cellular communication, a cable television, the Internet  

- One terminal costs 72 thousand roubles, - Dmitry has told. - but to buy it it is possible by instalments. If every day 200 persons who bring payment not less than 60 roubles at the five-percentage commission it is possible to earn on one device of 20 thousand roubles for a month use the terminal at least. Ten of them I will give for place rent under the device, ten remains to me.

And still Dmitry wants to bring the up-to-date photocopier to Perm.

- It is necessary to throw in it a coin, and it will make a copy, - the future businessman tells. - conveniently and quickly. I will put it in any high school.

the Laboratorian becomes the mistress of a sun deck

that in the sun decks turn, Ljubovi Dobychinoj were prompted (at the left) by a daughter Oksana (on the right).
the Photo: Irinas SEVOSTJANOVOJ

Ljubov Dobychina was the laboratorian on the Kamsky cable .

- Me have dismissed in December, - she remembers. - the daughter works in a beauty salon and has noticed that in a sun deck - turn. Here we also have decided to open the on Gajve. The device costs 300 thousand roubles. Also it is necessary to buy to a jalousie, towels, creams Plus premise rent - 7 thousand a month. In total it is necessary about 380 thousand. I plan plus to take to a grant the credit in bank.





the Manager will be engaged in cleaning of pillows

23 - summer permjak Sergey Ivans worked as the manager, sold tools and machine tools. When has burst crisis, sales volumes have gone downwards, the salary - too. Sergey has left. And when has read on the Internet that there is a possibility to open the business on the state money, has decided to risk.   he has conceived to clean down pillows.

- One year ago I married, on wedding the mother-in-law has presented to us remarkable down pillows, - Sergey tells. - It appears, to it hundred years during the lunchtime, simply them have restored -   have cleaned down. So at many the house down blankets and pillows! In due course in them there are dust pincers, the feather falls down... I want to buy installation in which the feather or down is cleaned. For pillow restoration I will take 200 roubles.

it is competent

Business - plans should be thought over and with a highlight

- To us 146 unemployed permjakov from 23 till 49 years which want to receive a grant were converted and to open the business, - has told deputy director GU the Center of employment of the population of a city of Perm of Albina VAGANOV. - while to us have allocated money for 70 persons, we have placed the order for additional means. Permjaki can submit still demands, but their business - plans should be very well - thought over and with a highlight - to sustain a competition. By this day the commission has considered 16 demands, 14 have countenanced, 2 - is not present.

have refused to two permjakam, their business - plans have seemed to the commission the crude. One wanted to open firm on sale and installation of conditioners, however has not considered a competition and planned to work with poor-quality technics. The second permjak has suggested to open personnel agency. But in Perm already there are 30 personnel agencies, and in crisis demand for their services is insignificant.